The Try Guys; Ned Fulmer, Eugene Lee Yang, Keith Habersberger and Zach Kornfeld

The Try Guys Poke Fun At Ned Fulmer Firing & Replace Him With A Neon Pink Elephant!

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By MLC on November 24, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST

The Try Guys are taking Ned Fulmer’s firing in stride.

Three of the original four have picked themselves up by the boot straps and continued creating content.

Following Ned’s cheating scandal and subsequent firing, the Try Guys have tried as they might to continue what they do best and have succeeded.

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The Try Guys Rise Up After Ned Fulmer Scandal

The Try Guys; Ned Fulmer, Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang, and Zach Kornfeld
Instagram/The Try Guys

In their most recent uploaded video, the guys try to make Pop-Tarts with “no recipe and no clue.”

Over the course of two days, each Try Guy will have four hours to complete their dish and present it to a panel of judges. The judges include a Michelin Starred pastry chef, a bakery owner and a baking influencer.

They filmed the episode prior to Ned’s scandalous departure, so he was filmed in the video, but the guys promised to cut him out of future content.

Staying true to their word, the Try Guys did exactly that in the most EPIC way.

Any points in the video where Ned was featured, he was replaced him with a giant neon pink elephant.

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Ned Fulmer Replaced By Random Objects

//Try Guys
YouTube / Try Guys

They also replaced him with a dough-faced creation made by Keith Habersberger. If you look closely, you can tell he was green-screened out of the video.

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//Try Guys
YouTube / Try Guys
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Fans praised the Try Guys and their editing team for their magnificent work of editing Ned out.

“The fact that Keith originally had another person in the room to riff off, but the final edit doesn’t. feel like anything is missing…. Literally incredible. Whatever the editors are being paid, it isn’t enough,” one fan commented.

“The editors deserve a vacation and a significant raise,” another quipped.

One person noted how the team didn’t even try to crop Ned out and just made him into whatever they wanted.

“The sheer balls to not even crop him out and straight up covering him with random s**t is amazing,” they wrote.

“The way I choked at Zach’s subtle being ‘No longer the 4th best’ You can absolutely tell the directors were having a blast with this,” one response read.

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Fans LOVE How Ned Was Edited Out

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One person played up the humor of the episode with their comment writing, “honestly its so brave of keith to partner up with an actual, live elephant for this episode, not enough are given to him for his courage, teamwork, and cooperation?.”

As fans of The Try Guys know, Ned was engulfed in a major cheating scandal earlier this year.

The news of his affair with a Try Guys employee named Alex Herring broke in late September. Ned admitted to the affair and publicly apologized to his wife Ariel.

He’s been wiped from The Try Guys social media accounts and was been taken out of upcoming videos that have yet to be released on the group’s YouTube channel.

Everything has basically crashed and burned for Ned and the hits just keep on coming.

A TikTok creator by the name @brieeezybaby has launched new claims that she saw Fulmer and a mystery woman dining at a restaurant in Burbank, CA.

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Ned Was Caught Cheating In May By A Fan

Not only did she see them together just the two of them, but Brie claims to have seen them engaging in PDA.

On September 30, Brie uploaded a TikTok that begins with a YouTube clip of Ned and his wife talking about cheating.

“If it feels like you’re cheating,” Ariel says to the camera.

Ned joins in with her saying, “It probably is.”

Brie comes onto the camera saying, “Neddy, Ned, Ned. I found out your shenanigans in May. I saw you at Castaway restaurant in Burbank with this woman. You best believe I took videos of you and sent them to your wife via DM.”

She continued to offer Ned her support given that she is a therapist who works in couples counseling.

Brie followed up her initial TikTok with another one.

This one shows her at Castaway restaurant filming what appears to be Fulmer with a mystery woman.

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“When you new Ned was cheating in May…” the voiceover says.

The video then cuts to a DM Brie allegedly sent to Ariel.

“Hi, I’m not sure the ins and outs of your marriage and. I am not trying to start anything,” her message read. “However, I would want to know if this was my husband. Either your husband has a doppelganger in LA … or it was your husband. I saw him there with a younger girl with dark, long hair. They were kissing and I have some videos and photos of them.”

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