More receipts have been presented and the tea continues to spilleth over regarding Ned Fulmer’s cheating scandal.

The former Try Guys star has been embroiled in a scandalous affair which resulted in him getting fired from “The Try Guys.”

Everything has basically crashed and burned for Fulmer and the hits just keep on coming.

A TikTok creator by the name @brieeezybaby has launched new claims that she saw Fulmer and a mystery woman dining at a restaurant in Burbank, CA.

Not only did she see them together just the two of them, but Brie claims to have seen them engaging in PDA.

“Neddy, Ned, Ned. I found out your shenanigans in May. I saw you at Castaway restaurant in Burbank with this woman,” she said.

She saw Ned and “this woman” making out in front of the seafood tower.

Brie sent Ned’s wife, Ariel, videos and photos from his day date.

Ariel never responded to the DMs.