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Elton John Celebrates Final Show In North America With Emotional Instagram Post

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By Taylor Hodgkins on November 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM EST

Singer Sir Elton John is going out on a high note!

The legendary "Rocket Man" rocker is getting ready to embark on his second act of life as he steps away from the spotlight just a bit.

John, 75, just completed the final American leg of the "Farewell Yellow Brick Road" tour, which has been in progress since 2018! Several dates in America were postponed two years ago in light of COVID-19's global arrival.

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Scene inside Final ever Elton John concert in Las Vegas
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John's final American concert at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles last night was nothing short of a celebration! He leaned into celebratory mode by sharing a sweet photo on Instagram chronicling the landmark show.

Read more to find out how the "Honky Chateau" songwriter commemorated his final show in America!

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Looking Back At Sir. Elton John's Lucrative Year In 2022

Elton John and Britney Spears
Instagram | Elton John

When Sir. Elton John hasn't been on stage in 2022, he has spent his time championing modern-era artists by playing their music on his Apple Music radio show, as well as helping fellow pop music mega stars find a new lease on their careers.

Elton John's Rocket Hour radio show features intimate interviews with both old favorites in the music industry and rising stars.

In addition to the interviews, the "Salvation" singer plays new music from a band or artist's newest project.

When the 'Rocket Man' wasn't behind a radio mic this year, he spent time in the recording studio with one of music's biggest pop stars in history, recording what would become a massively popular duet!

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John teamed up with the one and only Britney Spears to record "Hold Me Closer" which was released to both strong critical and fan acclaim earlier this summer.

The collab was set up to be a success before it even began! According to a piece from The Blast's extensive coverage of the single, the duet had been Sir. Elton John's idea and Spears was extremely on board; the "...Baby One More Time" singer is a "huge fan" of her duet partner.

Sir. Elton John's duet with Spears blast off into the universe during the same year he revealed he has preferred the work of female musicians as of late!

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"Apart from Sam Fender, none of the boys are doing it [for him]," he revealed in an interview with Music Week earlier this year. "the girls are. It's a breath of fresh air because it comes from innocence and pure joy, and that, for me, is what music is about," he said. (per The Blast)

Sir. Elton John Posts Glossy And Emotional Tribute Following Final American Tour Date

'Pure joy' was undoubtedly one of the many moods felt by the classic rock legend upon his final concert in America!

He commemorated the gig with an Instagram tribute on Monday, a day after the show.

"Last night, I played my 204th and final North American tour show ever. I can't think each and every person who was a part of it, at Dodger Stadium and watching at home, for the most incredible night. I love you all and you will forever be in my heart," Sir. Elton John captioned his photo, which was taken by photographer Ben Gibson, who has also snapped several shots on the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.

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Last week, Sir. Elton John's longtime songwriting partner Bernie Taupin posted his own Instagram tribute, counting down to last night's show. Taupin's photo was a vintage shot of Sir. Elton performing at Dodger Stadium in the seventies.

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Will last night's show be the last time the 'Rocket Man' will perform for a massive audience? David Furnish, his husband, doesn't think so!

Furnish told Billboard he "hopes" his beloved will "return as a live performer."

"It's really important to make a distinction between Elton retiring from touring but Elton not playing his very last public performance for the very last time," Furnish told the publication.

Diving into a more 'mellow' lifestyle may not be the easiest process for the performer.

"[performing] is in his blood," Furnish continued. "when you're an artist and something's in your blood, you don't want to shut the door completely." (per the New York Post)

Last night's Dodger Stadium spectacle is now streaming on Disney+!

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