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Joe Gorga Denies Angering 'Crazy' Jennifer Aydin During BravoCon Drama

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By Favour Adegoke on November 14, 2022 at 5:00 PM EST
Updated on November 15, 2022 at 8:50 AM EST

Reality star, Joe Gorga has denied allegations that he spurred Jennifer Aydin's drink-throwing incident during BravoCon.

The real estate guru cleared the air when he came on the "Chicks in the Office" podcast. Although he acknowledged that his wife Melissa might have said something that set Aydin off, he claimed that the allegations made by Aydin's assistant, Erica Madelyn, concerning the confrontation were untrue.

The father of three also criticized Aydin for "yelling" and "screaming" during their fight as opposed to selecting a more civil exchange. In an earlier podcast, Melissa had expressed her thoughts on the incident, but Aydin has yet to provide a more thorough explanation beyond what her assistant has said.

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'Everything That You Heard Is A Lie'

Joe Gorga Headlines at Caroline apos s Comedy Club in NYC

Joe has refuted the claims made by Aydin's assistant, Madelyn, who alleged that he instigated the scandalous drink-throwing altercation after BravoCon 2022.

Earlier in October, Madelyn had also uploaded a video on TikTok claiming Joe insulted Aydin with several derogatory remarks, seemingly bringing on the altercation.

"Everything that you heard is a lie," the 43-year-old bluntly stated on Friday's episode of the "Chicks in the Office" podcast, per Page Six"Whatever you heard Jennifer's assistant say, it was all lies."

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Reflecting on the event, the construction business owner added, "The story is out there that she threw a drink at me, and I was saying these vulgar things to her — no. First of all, I was 50 feet away with my wife … Jennifer likes to dig a lot, and she gets involved in my family business."

However, the father of three shared that his wife, Melissa, "did say something" to her co-star that could have irked her.

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Joe Gorga Says Jennifer Aydin Was 'Out Of Her Mind'

Jennifer Aydin.

Joe went on to explain that he was not surprised that the incident degenerated into a proper altercation rather than a mere verbal argument, noting that Aydin was not one to follow a subtle approach.

He said on the podcast, "If you watched her on the TV show through the years, she drinks a lot, she's violent, she throws things, she breaks glasses, she wants to stab you with it, she throws knives."

The real estate tycoon also said that he and Aydin had heated words at one time, but he claimed that it was because the reality star was apparently "out of her mind."

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Joe said, "She was out of control to the point where it was humiliating." before adding she was screaming "like a madman at the top of her lungs." Additionally, he stated that Aydin's "crazy" acts in "RHONJ," were far worse in real life.

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Joe Gorga's Wife, Melissa, Reflects On The Incident

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga attend the "Halftime" Premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night at United Palace on June 08 2022 in New York City.

While Aydin has not discussed the altercation at length since it happened, Mellisa has since shared her own view, just like her husband. Per Page Six, she stated during her appearance on the "On Display" podcast in late October that many people had informed her that Aydin was dissing her at the Bravoncon event.

The pair then met coincidentally at the hotel lobby on the last day of BravoCon. Reflecting on the encounter, Melissa said that Aydin gave her a "snarky stare in [her] eyes" just as she walked to the elevator. Disliking the look, Melissa then told her co-star, "Keep moving, wannabe. Come on, loser, just keep walking. There's the elevator."

The Envy store owner claimed that Aydin started "screaming," "yelling," and "cursing" at her and her husband before it later got heated up to a full-blown altercation. Melissa also claimed that she did not yell at her co-star amid the fracas.

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Andy Cohen Called The Altercation Between Joe Gorga And Jennifer Ayden 'Gross'

Andy Cohen at Andy's Legends Ball Red Carpet at BravoCon

While the altercation suggests more drama is bound to happen in the upcoming season of "RHONJ," Bravo showrunner Andy Cohen shared that he found the heated interaction distasteful.

"I think it's gross," Cohen told Entertainment Tonight. "Period dot." As for the ongoing feud between the Gorgas and Teresa Giudice, the "Watch What Happens Live" host hinted that fans would not be seeing a reconciliation anytime soon.

He said, "I don't think it's gonna go anywhere good anytime soon, unfortunately," before adding that the upcoming season will bring in some fresh blood.

He added, "We've got some new women in the mix who really energize the show, but they feel perfectly Jersey, and they fit in the group really well."

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