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Andy Cohen Comments On 'Gross' BravoCon Fight Between Joe Gorga And Jennifer Aydin

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By Favour Adegoke on October 20, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT
Updated on October 21, 2022 at 11:57 AM EDT

"Watch What Happens Live" host Andy Cohen recently revealed that he thought the fight between "Real Housewives of New Jersey" cast members was "gross." BravoCon 2022 came to a close on October 22 and had its fair share of drama.

Melissa and Joe Gorga have been on the splits with the reality star's sister-in-law Teresa Giudice after she accused Melissa of having an affair with a family friend. The issue escalated when the couple refrained from attending Giudice's wedding, claiming they deserved an apology for her unfounded accusations.

The Gorgas are also apparently not on the best terms with Jennifer Aydin, resulting in an altercation that saw heated words and plastic cups fly from both ends.

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Andy Cohen Called The BravoCon Altercation 'Gross'

Andy Cohen smiling

"RHONJ" cast members Aydin, Melissa, and Joe were involved in an altercation during BravoCon, which, when asked, Cohen revealed that he did not approve in the slightest. While talking to Entertainment Tonight, the Bravo producer said, "I think it's gross. Period dot."

A video shared by Aydin's assistant on TikTok revealed most of the details of the fight between the cast members of "RHONJ" over the BravoCon weekend. The trio, Joe included, had it out in the Gansevoort Meatpacking hotel lobby and exchanged harsh words.

According to reports, Aydin attempted to walk to the elevator, but Melissa verbally attacked the reality star and called her a "loser, f*cking loser wannabe." Aydin responded in kind and asked her to "shut the f*ck up."

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At this point, Joe came to his wife's defense and said to the reality star, "Shut up, you f*cking dirty b*tch," after which Aydin threw her plastic cup at the group.

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Jennifer Aydin Was In A 'Vulnerable' 

Jennifer Aydin.

Aydin's assistant, who shared the video, claimed that Melissa and Joe had started the entire fight by hurling insults at the reality star on her way to the elevator. She noted that Aydin was alone at the time, without her husband to defend her leaving her in a "vulnerable" state. Melissa, on the other hand, had Joe and other people with her.

Aydin also shed light on previous reports concerning the incident and clarified that she had thrown water instead of the "full beverage" reported. She also claimed that, contrary to what everyone thought, she had aimed the cup at Melissa's assistant rather than Joe.

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The reality star's Instagram story read per ET, "Hey @pagesix! Great job fact-checking! Here's a screenshot of my' full beverage,' which was water btw that was not thrown at JG- All you had to do was ask."

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There Were Separate 'RHONJ' Panels At BravoCon

Joe Gorga and Melissa Gorga attend the "Halftime" Premiere during the Tribeca Film Festival Opening Night at United Palace on June 08 2022 in New York City.

The current feud between Giudice and Melissa leaked into BravoCon, causing there to be two separate panels for the "RHONJ" cast members. During Melissa's panel, Bravo fans asked why they had been separated, and she claimed Giudice was behind the decision.

When Giudice came up, she found out what her sister-in-law said earlier and accused Melissa of "holding on for dear life." The reality star added that "they're going to say whatever they need to say to keep them" on the reality show.

Cohen eventually cleared up the misunderstanding and revealed that the two parties were the cause of the split. During the "Ask Andy" segment of BravoCon on Sunday, the show host said they were still obviously on bad terms. "They're really not in a good place, as you might have gathered," he said.

Joe Gorga Expressed His Frustration Over Feud With His Sister

Joe Gorga Headlines at Caroline apos s Comedy Club in NYC

Giudice and Melissa's feud started a while back when the reality star accused her sister-in-law of cheating on her husband, Joe. The unfounded claims alleged that she had an affair with Hollywood actor Nick Barrotta. As a result, Melissa and Joe boycotted Giudice's wedding to Luis "Louis" Ruelas.

Joe spoke to Page Six recently and revealed that he was tired of the drama, which started as far back as 2011 when Melissa became a part of "RHONJ." "At this point, I just don't know what else to say. I'm tired. I'm tired of talking about this for 13 years," he said.

"I'm 48 years old, and I'm happy that I woke up this morning and happy that I have healthy kids, a beautiful wife, a beautiful life, and I just want to be happy man," the reality star added. "This kind of drama is ruining my life."

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