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Lala Kent's Mystery New Man Was Only A 'Thirst Trap' For 'Bedroom Fun'

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on November 12, 2022 at 2:00 PM EST

Lala Kent is not ready for the long least not yet.

Just when fans were getting giddy with the news that the reality star had found her Mr. Right, she pumped the brakes on the relationship while spilling some tea on what their short time together entailed.

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Lala Kent Ends Fling Suddenly With Tatted Don Lopez

During a Thursday appearance on "Jeff Lewis Live," Kent didn’t hold back on discussing her fling, which she claims is the first romantic relationship she has gotten in since calling off her engagement to her ex-fiancé in October 2021.

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Lala Kent
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However, despite it being her first rebound, the "Out of Death" actress had no intention of making it a big deal. While chatting with the host, she opened up about her short-lived fling, Don Lopez, saying, "Don and I have had a lot of fun in the bedroom, but I posted him for a thirst trap, and then a lot of doors opened to people saying certain things, and now I’ve got to scratch him off the roster."

As regards her decision to do away with Lopez after such a short time, the reality star claimed she received "warnings" about the tatted model after she first teased his photo. Nevertheless, there is no bad blood between them at all.

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"He’s the first person I slept with since my last relationship, so I’ll always have a place in my heart for him," she declared. Kent, who stated she was "very protective" of herself — who could blame her?— assured that her fling with Lopez, while it lasted, was "great."

Giving intimate details about her temporary romance with the young model, Kent noted that she didn’t go out on a "date date" with her love interest or any other person as it was "off the table." However, things did get intense in the bedroom.

In her words, "his peep and my vagina had a few dates. I don’t really want to get to know anyone. I don’t want anyone to get to know me. I want to have, like, amazing sexy time. I want to enjoy your company. But we don’t need to date."

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With Lopez being old news, Kent has moved on to a new man, and she’s super proud of the post-breakup rotation she has going on. However, she plans to do things differently this time.

"I am talking to someone who I will keep under wraps because I have learned my lesson. I’m not gonna post him at all."

The 'Vanderpump Rules' Star Teased Her Lover Boy

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Instagram / Lala Kent

The news of Kent’s tryst with Lopez only became news after she shared a cryptic photo of him. As The Blast reported, the "Vanderpump Rules" star gave a glimpse of her man, who was then a mystery.

As part of being candid with her dating life, the mother-of-one posted a picture of a man’s tanned face glammed with several tattoos on her Instagram Story. The inks on the man’s side face included a sword, a bee, flowers, the phrase "love yourself," and a fairy.

Alongside the image, she wrote, "Good morning. Time to go to work," sending hearts racing with curiosity. Before the subtle reveal, the 32-year-old confessed during a "Jeff Lewis Live” that she believed she "might be in love with someone."

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She spilled that her friends had been trying to hook her and the special someone up, but she kept hesitating, that is, until she saw him. "I saw him very quickly. When the face hits right, it’s game over," Kent mentioned.

The Bravo star had nothing but praises for the new man calling him "smart and funny" before adding, "His face doesn’t match what’s coming out of his mouth. He’s like a — he’s a unicorn. I’m gonna need to, like, have his baby or something."

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Unfortunately, there’s no news of a baby yet. The romance with Lopez comes weeks after she marked one year of ending her engagement to Randall. Kent celebrated escaping the "toxic and unsafe" relationship in a candid and touching post.

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