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Lala Kent Shares ADORABLE Video Of Her Smart Baby Girl!

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By MLC on November 9, 2022 at 1:00 AM EST

Lala Kent’s got a baby Einstein on her hands.

Not even the common cold can keep her daughter down from learning animal sounds.

The reality TV star recently shared an absolutely adorable video of her daughter Ocean to Instagram.

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Lala Kent's Daughter Is A Baby Einstein!

In the video, a pajama-clad Ocean and her mom go through different sounds animals make. She captioned the precious video, "We were sick all weekend, but got this content… & I can’t even 😭🐑🐄🐎."

“What does a lamb say?” she asks her little girl.

“Baaaa,” Ocean responds.

“What does a cow say?” the “Give Them Lala” author asks.

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Baby Ocean Shows Off Her Animal Sounds

“Mooo,” Ocean responds while shaking her head back and forth.

“What does a horsey say?” to which she responds, “Nayyy.

Thee mother-of-one dotes on cheers on her little one by telling her, “Good job. You’re so smart.

Many of her famous followers agreed.

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Lala's Friends and Fans Praise Her "Smart" Daughter

E! News correspondent Erin Lim commented, “I love her SM!!!! 😍 great job mama ❤️.”

Her “Vanderpump Rules” co-star Kristen Doute replied, “genius baby 😍 i can’t with this!! love you O!!”

“So Smart,” commented comedian Heather McDonald

“Not only a little beauty but a Smarty 😍😍😍😍😍ugh these moments are so precious!” another person commented.

Lala’s life since breaking off her relationship with Randall Emmett has been very good to her.

She called it quits with the Hollywood big shot after he was seen cheating on her with women in Nashville, TN. in 2021.

Last month, Lala celebrated the one-year anniversary of escaping her “toxic and unsafe” relationship.

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The mother-of-one took to her Instagram Story to mark the milestone, getting candid about the trauma she suffered. Lala uploaded a heartwarming silhouette of her carrying her baby daughter, Ocean, as they stood at the beach, taking in the view of the water.

“Happy Independence Day to me,” she began her heartfelt caption. “A year ago today, I had my ducks in a row, and it was time to execute my game plan of escaping a toxic and unsafe place. Even writing this, my heart has started pounding. I didn’t know what my future would hold.”

The “Out of Death” actress revealed that she lost a whopping 30 pounds during the saga due to “stress and trauma.” However, she had to keep carrying on for the sake of her daughter.

Lala Celebrates One-Year Of Getting Out Of A "Toxic" Relationship

Lala Kent & Randall Emmett walking out of restaurant

“My daughter needed me,” she declared. “And when it all became too much, I would hand it over to God and the universe. I knew they would cradle me. They did & have ever since,” she wrote.

Lala recently opened up about her new love interest on “Jeff Lewis Live” and admitted she “might be in love with someone.”

“I know! I don’t know how that happened,” she said when others in the room reacted in shock.

She noted that her friends had been trying to hook her up with a guy for some time, and when they finally hung out they “had a lot of fun.”

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A Sneak Peek Of Lala's New Man

//Screen Shot    at
Instagram / Lala Kent

“I saw him very quickly. When the face hits right, it’s game over,” she said. Lala also noted her new man is “funny and smart.”

“His face doesn’t match what’s coming out of his mouth. He’s like a — he’s a unicorn. I’m gonna need to, like, have his baby or something,” the Bravolebrity joked.

The identity of her mystery man was exclusively revealed by Page Six. After sharing a sneak peek of his tattooed face, it was revealed Lala’s dating model Don Lopez.

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