Megan Fox wants Grimes to find elf ear mods for her

Pantless Megan Fox Wants Grimes To Look Into Elf Ear Mods For Her

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By Rima Pundir on November 11, 2022 at 12:15 PM EST

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly, aka MGK, seem to be continuing their dressing-up parade, long after Halloween is over. This time, they are elves and fans are getting Zelda vibes, from the console game, "The Legend of Zelda."

It seems that Fox is so in love with the look, pointy ears, and all that she wants Grimes, Elon Musk's ex-girlfriend and Baby Mama, to look into elf ear modifications for her. Here's Fox looking like an elven princess and what the fans think about it.

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Megan Fox Wants Ear Modifications?

Megan Fox might head for ear modifications after liking her elven look
Instagram | Megan Fox

We doubt she's serious, but Fox seemingly loved her elven look so much, she tagged Grimes to find out elf ear modifications for her, captioning the stunning set of images, "Very seriously looked into elf ear modification after this. @grimes let me know if you find someone."

As one fan, truly fanned, "Never has anyone with better bone structure walked this earth(& a walking goddess 4 sure) Exquisitely, devastatingly hawt And 5 foot 4? Kill me or get me pregnant. Those are the only options ? (if u know u know XD)"

The "kill me or get me pregnant" bit comes from Fox herself, who wants MGK's baby like now! Why, because he's handsome.

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Fox looked absolutely stunning in a purple-bodice dress with slits so high, she obviously went commando underneath. The gold thigh-high boots, white gloves, a waist belt, and a beautiful crown made her look like a fairytale come to life. MGK cleaned up pretty nicely too although some people did feel he could have done better with the sword!

Fox tagged Grimes for her elf ears because the singer-songwriter is often seen playing elf-like characters in her shoots and music videos, like this:

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Meanwhile, fans are all for Fox's fantasy look, but draw the line at actual ear modifications, with one writing, "Love you both up until the day you proceed with elf ear modification."

For others, it was more of a positive vibe, as a comment read, "Not me over here being bullied as a child for my "elf ears", only to grow up and see this trend. Lol."

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Fans Get 'Zelda' Vibes From Megan Fox & MGK

Megan Fox might head for ear modifications after liking her elven look
Instagram | Megan Fox

Most fans got Zelda vives straight up as they wrote:


"Link and Zelda? I'm here for it."

Link is the protagonist of Nintendo's video game franchise "The Legend of Zelda" which isn't all that popular today but still has somewhat of a cult classic. 

Another comment started a whole Gen-Z/Boomer battle, as they wrote, "Gen Z doesn't even know what Zelda is ? sad world."

More appreciative comments followed, even if they bordered on the NSFW!

"The way you two roleplayed this in the bedroom ooooff"

"I’m just saying blonde Megan Fox is a whole different terrestrial sphere."

"People won't even consider the fact that maybe you're just happy living your life and doing what you want regardless of the media or people's opinions."

"you look f**king magical!"

"Hot as f**k"

"Wow Wow Wow"

Of course, some had to get onto their high horses and remind Megan that "Halloween is over sweety!"

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Wait, Is That A Tattoo? Or...

Instagram mistakes Megan Fox' tattoo for pubes
Instagram | Megan Fox

Meanwhile, these pics got embroiled into a whole different controversy, when a small tattoo on Fox's abdomen, near her crotch, got mistaken for her bush!

As one fan wondered, " is it a bush or tattoo?"

Quick replies followed:

"Omfg it’s so hard to tell but to me, it looks like a bush."

"It's a tattoo it’s way too high from her waistline to be hair."

Others, who were more ardent fans, knew it was a tattoo of her ex-husband, Brian Austin Green, as they replied: "that is her tattoo that says, Brian."

One user left a creepy comment as well, something Fox clapped back at, hard!

That said, many of her fans are still mad at her for poking fun at Christianity, here.

Meanwhile, here are Link and Zelda, as in MGK and Megan Fox, looking like a fairytale come to life.

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