Grimes 'Feels Like It’s Time' For A Face Tattoo After Plastic Surgery

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By Afouda Bamidele on September 24, 2022 at 3:00 PM EDT

Grimes is not done making changes to her body!

Claire Elise Boucher, who is best known by her stage name, is no stranger to treating her body like a canvas. After adorning her figure with numerous art, the singer's face may be her next target.

The 34-year-old has always been vocal about her love for white ink tattoos and recently asked fans about their thoughts on the matter with a unique selfie.

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Grimes Debuts New Look After Undergoing Cosmetic Surgery

Grimes at World Premiere Of Marvel Studios 'Captain Marvel'

As an artist, the "Genesis" singer is famous for incorporating sci-fi and futuristic themes into her music. The Vancouver native follows a similar pattern in her day-to-day life. The entertainer's desire to transform herself into an otherworldly creature seems to be on the road to fruition, as shown in her Instagram post.

Grimes typically kept fans on their toes with her glamorous looks, and the 34-year-old did not disappoint in her recent upload. The "Oblivion" artist donned a wet hair look with her blonde tresses braided into pigtails.

Known for sporting vibrant makeup, the Canadian artistically outlined her eyes in black before adding bold orange and white patterns. However, the colorful look was not the only reason the entertainer looked different.

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Despite adorning her lips in pink and blue lipstick, it was impossible not to notice the increase in the fullness of Grimes' mouth. The 34-year-old's lips looked significantly plump while what appeared to be a surgery scar graced her cheek.

The swelling on the "Shinigami Eyes" singer's face may be from receiving fillers in her cheek and lips. However, there was no proof as the Vancouver native did not clarify if the selfie was a post-op picture.

While the difference in the Juno Award winner's face was up to speculations, the songwriter happily shared her plans for a new tattoo. The electropop star's caption read:

"R selfies obsolete yet? I am very seriously considering getting a white ink tattoo on my face next week. Any thoughts? It feels like it’s time."

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Grimes' post on her Instagram page
Instagram | ☘︎??????࿎
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Following her announcement, the record producer's fans offered their support. The post received over 100,000 likes and 2,000 comments in less than four hours. A-listers like the stylist Kirill Mintsev, drag queen Aquaria, and Canadian creative photographer Lilian Liu encouraged the singer to get inked.

Nonetheless, some people did not want the idol to lose her true self as they discouraged her from getting the tattoo and going under the knife. On the other hand, a few curious birds wanted to know if this post unveiled the product of Grimes's "crazy" action. The colorful selfie came about a week after the 34-year-old's operation.

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As previously shared by The Blast, the visual artist  sparked rumors that she got an elf ear surgery after the "Cyberpunk 2077" voice actress tweeted that she "did smthn crazy." Additionally, the entertainer shared a photo of her face, all bandaged up. Grimes sported a hospital gown as she laid down on what looked like an operating table.

The Canadian's face appeared swollen and slightly bruised in the image. However, the "We Appreciate Power" artist did not clarify what operation she had. Many assumed it was an elf ear surgery since the singer's ears were taped in the picture. Also, the electropop star revealed her interest in getting ear modifications on social media.

Portrait of Grimes posted on her Instagram page
Instagram | ☘︎??????࿎
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However, the "Alter Ego" judge contemplated getting the elf ears because of the risks associated with the procedure, such as cartilage damage and permanent stitches.

Elon Musk's Ex-Girlfriend Slammed Mark Zuckerberg's Alternate Reality Venture

Apart from being a successful artist, Grimes gained recognition for her relationship with the business tycoon Elon Musk. The former couple may no longer be intimate, but their love lives on through their two wonderful children.

Last month, The Blast reported that the SpaceX founder's ex-girlfriend slammed his fellow business magnate, Mark Zuckerberg, for venturing into the wrong business. According to the Canadian, who expressed her displeasure on Twitter, the Facebook co-founder would destroy the Metaverse if allowed to oversee the alternate reality platform.

The rant came after Zuckerberg revealed his plans to develop Metaverse equipment that would allow users to create realistic avatars capable of imitating facial expressions and other actions.

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Not impressed by his promotional post, Grimes slammed the philanthropist for being "under qualified." The 34-year-old claimed all "indie games" looked better than Zuckerberg's avatar.

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