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Kate Upton Celebrates Houston Astros World Series Win With Hubby Justin Verlander

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By Jeffrey Harris on November 7, 2022 at 10:45 AM EST

Kate Upton and Justin Verlander are truly living their best lives. It was a huge celebration on Saturday night (Nov. 5) at Houston's Minute Maid Park as the Houston Astros clinched their second World Series victory. Of course, few were as enthusiastic and proud as wife and supermodel, Upton, who took to the field to celebrate the Astros' victory alongside husband, Cy Young Award-winner and Astros ace pitcher Verlander.

Upton's joy and support for her husband also got the attention of fans across social media. Additionally, Upton once again made a trendsetting fashion statement with another cool MLB playoff-time jacket with customized patches.

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Kate Upton: 'I Love Watching My Husband Do What He Loves To Do'

It was a big family celebration at Minute Maid Park. Upton and Verlander's three-year-old daughter, Genevieve, was in attendance at the game as Upton was able to get her to take a nap earlier in the day. Verlander's brother, MLB and FOX Sports analyst Ben Verlander, was on hand to do post-game coverage and got to celebrate the victory with his older brother in the Astros' clubhouse. Other friends and family members were also at the game.

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The World Series was an emotional one for the ace pitcher. In Game 5, Verlander finally earned the first World Series win of his baseball career after the Astros beat the Phillies on their home turf in Philadelphia. For the 2022 Astros season, Verlander finally returned to the game after being forced to take two years off to get Tommy John surgery to repair a damaged ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow and go through rehab.

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Kate Upton
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Verlander was able to successfully rally back and had a great showing this season and also got his first World Series game win as a starting pitcher. But what's next? Verlander is destined for free agency, or does he want to retire? That became a question for Upton herself by David "Big Papi" Ortiz during the FOX Sports post-game coverage of the World Series.

An elated Upton was totally on board for her husband to continue playing if that's what he wants. Upton stated, "I love watching my husband do what he loves to do! It's good to see him do what he loves, to see him do his craft! He's such an artist out there!" She continued with the praise before her husband playfully cut her off.


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If they are not one of the best power couples in sports, they definitely put themselves in the running with last night's celebration. But that wasn't all. During another post-game interview with KHOU 11, Upton was asked about her husband finally achieving the first World Series win of his baseball career. Her response was blunt and simple, yet appropriate, "I'm so happy that he has it, but honestly, he's such a legend, who f***ing cares?!"

If that wasn't enough, Upton was also getting attention for her loyalty and support for her husband and the Astros during the away games. Some footage was captured of Upton in Astros gear at an earlier Philadelphia game flipping the double birds and mixing it up with some Phillies fans.





Not to worry. The activity was nothing personal. As Upton explained during another later post-game interview with the MLB Network, she loved the fans in Philly. It was simply fun banter. Upton stated, "I'm a third child of four kids, so banter is my love language, and I was having the best time."

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She even took a subtle dig at New York Yankees fans for booing their own team during the playoffs. Upton added, "I have to say, I respect any fans that stay the entire game, stand up, cheer the whole game, and don't boo their own fans [team]. That is the number one I hate is to see people booing their own team."


Upton Makes Another Fashion Statement At World Series Closer

If that wasn't enough, Upton was also getting more attention for her World Series Game 6 jacket, which had some extra fun patches on it. As reported by The Blast, Kate Upton previously got attention for the satin Astros jacket with her husband's name and number on it that she wore when the Astros won the ALCS last month. It was a sold-out jacket from Mitchell and Ness from the brand's MLB fall clothing line.

According to Upton during her chat with KPRC 2 Sports Director Randy McIlvoy, her World Series 2022 jacket comes from Aviation Nation [or possibly Aviator Nation?], and she added her own patches to the design. It should be noted that it also could be a jacket found at Alpha Industries.


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Also, Verlander is a frontrunner to win another Cy Young Award in 2022. He's already a two-time AL Cy Young Award winner in 2011 and 2019.

Whatever happens next for Verlander now that he's a free agent, he can now enjoy another World Series Championship victory, along with the first World Series win of his MLB career. Not to mention, he is married to Kate Upton, and they have a beautiful daughter, who was also a star of the post-game coverage last night.

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