Genevieve Parisi (left} Aaron Clancy on Bachelor In Paradise (right)

Aaron Clancy Bashes 'Bachelor In Paradise' After Explosive Fight For Bad Edit

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on November 4, 2022 at 1:30 PM EDT

One of the strongest couples in Paradise -- Genevieve Parisi and Aaron Clancy -- hit rocky waters during Tuesday, November 1's episode of "Bachelor In Paradise" when the two had an explosive fight.

Aaron got mad at his girlfriend, Genevieve, after she expressed wanting to spend more time with him one-on-one, but he seemed just wanted to have "bro" time.

“Are you really doing this? What are you coming at me for? I’ve done everything right. No other girl is mad at any dude here,” Aaron said during the episode.

Now, Aaron is coming out, saying the show gave the couple a bad edit.

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Aaron Clancy Breaks Silence On Explosive Fight With Genevieve Parisi

Aaron Jones on Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Bachelor In Paradise

Aaron Clancy, 28, took to social media as the episode was airing to call out the editing team of "Bachelor In Paradise," saying the fight was not was it seemed like. “Guys. Reality tv is not actual reality. But it is actually on tv," he Tweeted. "Like 40 hrs of filming a week condensed into 4 hours, you see such a small part!”

And for his part of the argument, the 28-year-old seemed to downplay his actions and what he said to Genevieve at the time, saying that the argument that aired on television was “truly not the convo at all.”

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Genevieve Contradicts Aaron's Point Of View

Genevieve Parisi on Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Genevieve Parisi

However, Genevieve had a completely different point of view, Tweeting “Nothing relevant to the argument was cut out,” she Tweeted. “What you saw is what happened.”

She also re-Tweeted a fan's Tweet that said, “Ok what y’all not gonna do is keep throwing around the word ‘gaslight’ incorrectly af every season #bachelorinparadise."

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Other Cast Members Call Out "Bad Editing"

Bachelor In Paradise Cast
Instagram | Bachelor In Paradise

Aaron blaming the severity of the fight on bad editing is not the first time cast members have spoken out about the reality television show's production team.

Jessenia Cruz was one of the new women that came into “Bachelor In Paradise” two weeks ago and ultimately took her chance with Andrew Spencer, who was dating Brittany Galvin before Jesse Palmer kicked the girls off the beach. Brittany ended up hooking up with Tyler when she was away at the beach, while Andrew and Jessenia built a stronger connection.

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At the end of the episode, Jessenia pulled Tyler aside while Tyler was talking to Brittany, leaving everyone confused. But the “Bachelor In Paradise” star live Tweeted during the episode, bashing the producers of the show for giving the conversation a bad edit. “Just having a friendly conversation with someone I literally never met,” she Tweeted. “I was happy to see Brittany [Galvin] in Paradise, and I heard nothing but good things about Tyler. We were all connected at some point too.”

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Salley Carson
Instagram | Salley Carson

Another “BIP” star said they would sue ABC if they could. Bartender Wells Adams told many of the beachgoers that Salley Carson allegedly missed her flight to paradise as she was totally hung up on her ex-fiance. She, reportedly, made a producer wait for her inside the trunk of a car for four hours.

After Wells told the story to the girls, fans of the show took to Carson’s Instagram, leaving comments such as, “Wait you left someone in a truck for 4hrs !!!! Wtf… they could have died… are you OK?” And Salley replied to the comment, “That definitely did not happen. Try to remember it’s a TV show.”

Another Instagram user commented on one of her posts, “Sue abc,” to which Salley responded, “Would if I could.”

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