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Brandon Jones Calls Out Olu Onajide For 'Disgusting Actions' On 'Bachelor In Paradise'

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By Kelly Coffey-Behrens on October 29, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT

New this season of "Bachelor In Paradise," the show saw its first-ever split week, where the girls left the beach to stay in a different off-site location while a group of new girls came to the beach to put the relationships to the test. Sarah Hamrick, Kate Gallivan, Eliza Isichei, Jessenia Cruz, and Florence Moerenhout entered the women’s cast.

But what the original girls didn't know is that they, too, would be met with a new male cast, which included members Tyler Norris, Alex Bordyukov, Adam Todd, Rick Leach, and Olu Onajide.

After the split week aired, Brandon Jones, who is currently dating one of the original girls, Serene Russell, posted negatively about Olu Onajide, claiming he had “disgusting actions.”

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Brandon Bashes Olu For Disgusting Actions"

Brandon and Serene Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Bachelor In Paradise

Olu did not stay long as none of the girls made a connection with him, and host Jesse Palmer asked him and Rick Leach to leave. Although fans didn’t see much of Olu Onajide while he was on Paradise, it seems more happened behind-the-scenes that could have led to one of the reasons Olu was asked to leave the show.

Brandon Jones reposted a comment a few days ago of a photo of him and Olu fighting with giant Teddy bears from when they were both on Michelle Young’s season of "The Bachelorette". The original comment was posted to Reddit and said  “I don’t know why Serene is freaking out. Brandon would stab a girl if they tried to make a move on him. She’s literally gonna go into a hotel with A/C for a week and chill.”

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Brandon then responded to the comment with, “If they choose to not show the disgusting actions that man did next couple episodes you better keep me off a podcast.”

Other Reddit users chimed in on the speculation, as one fan wrote, “I’m wondering if she, or some of the other women, just thought he was too pushy trying to engage with them. They weren’t receptive to any of the guys and the clips we saw I think Olu was just really trying to get them to interact in any sort of fun way. I’m curious about the story from both sides.”

At this time, Brandon has not commented further on the situation and Olu has remained silent.

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More "Bachelor In Paradise" Drama

Serene on Bachelor In Paradise
Instagram | Bachelor In Paradise

Jessenia Cruz is one of the new women that came into “Bachelor In Paradise,” and ultimately took her chance with Andrew Spencer, who was dating Brittany Galvin before Jesse Palmer kicked the girls off the beach. Brittany ended up hooking up with Tyler when she was away at the beach, while Andrew and Jessenia built a stronger connection.

Brittany and the original girls returned to the beach on Tuesday’s episode of “Bachelor In Paradise,” where many couples ended up going their separate ways — including Brittany and Andrew who decided to explore their connection with Tyler and Jessenia.

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However, at the end of the episode, Jessenia pulled Tyler aside while Tyler was talking to Brittany, leaving everyone confused. Since then, the "Bachelor In Paradise" star spoke out, saying it was a bad edit and bashed the producers.

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Salley Carson
Instagram | Salley Carson

Another "BIP" star said they would sue ABC if they could. Bartender Wells Adams told many of the beachgoers that Salley Carson allegedly missed her flight to paradise as she was totally hung up on her ex-fiance. She, reportedly, made a producer wait for her inside the trunk of a car for four hours.

After Wells told the story to the girls, fans of the show took to Carson’s Instagram, leaving comments such as, “Wait you left someone in a truck for 4hrs !!!! Wtf… they could have died… are you OK?” And Salley replied to the comment, “That definitely did not happen. Try to remember it’s a TV show.”

Another Instagram user commented on one of her posts, “Sue abc,” to which Salley responded, “Would if I could.”

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Bachelor In Paradise Cast
Instagram | Bachelor In Paradise

"Bachelor in Paradise" airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

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