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Christina Haack Condemns Article Praised By Ex, Calls It 'Sloppy Journalism'

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 26, 2022 at 10:15 AM EDT

The ongoing battle between Christina Haack and Ant Anstead keeps heating up!

Since the duo went their separate ways in 2020, their relationship has left much to be desired, especially regarding the legal custody of their son, Hudson London. The "Christina on the Coast" and her "Wheeler Dealers" ex split after almost two years of marriage. In the latest controversy between them, Christina has slammed Anstead for promoting a parenting article that she found "bizarre." 

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Christina Haack Is Unimpressed With Ant Anstead's Latest Post

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Christina has called out a Psychology Today article that mentioned her custody battle with Anstead over three-year-old Hudson, and she did not mince her words. Sharing a screenshot of the article via Instagram on Tuesday, the reality star began by calling it "a poorly written article." The HGTV star added:

"Sloppy Journalism/ Click bait at its finest," before advising the author to "find a new narrative centered around facts, not the Instagram comment section."

Christina went on to directly quote every point where she was mentioned, countering them with a passionate response. At one point, she wrote that she wanted to be left out of the lady's publicity. In her words:

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""Toddlers & Tiaras". Leave me out of your propaganda. Hudson's Law?! Really? That is absurd. You don't know anything about my household. Hudson is MY son. I've always protected him and always will."

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Ant Anstead's post on his Instagram story
Instagram | Ant Anstead
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The "Flip or Flop" alum continued, "I never fought to have Hudson film with me or post ads. I made my point that a public figure with a public Instagram should take his own advice and leave Hudson off all media if he was concerned about Hudson's safety and well-being."

Christina claimed that she "decided to create some peace for my family and take the pressure off myself and this whole narrative of who's a better Instagram parent," claiming that "Hudson doesn't need a "Hudson's Law" Hilary."

Sometime after she dropped the lengthy caption, the 39-year-old updated the caption and wrote, "It was just brought to my attention [sic] Hudson's father is promoting this article on his page, but with clap hands. This makes this even more bizarre and disturbing."

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As it turned out, Anstead had expressed a different reaction from his ex-wife's, taking to his Instagram Story to post a screenshot with the words, "What an utterly brilliant article by @hleveyfriedman calling for an urgent change in the law to protect our kids. The first step of Hudson's Law?"

Christina Haack's post on her Instagram Story
Instagram | Christina Hall
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An onlooker sent the Story to an unimpressed Christina, who replied lengthily via her own Story, "One of you sent me this screenshot. Does anyone want to tell @hleveyfriedman about #kyraslaw or #kaydenslaw, and enlighten her about what REAL harm to children actually looks like? Ant Anstead is so clearly projecting, it's not even funny. He is the ONLY ONE that keeps ensuring that Hudson's name stays in the press."

The mother-of-three was not done as she fired, "Hudson's Law? Give me a break. That sweet, little boy is healthy and happy why is he being leveraged and USED by his father like this? After all the articles @psvch today has posted about Post Separation Abuse, you'd think an editor somewhere would have seen through this, and left Hudson out of this article. Absolutely disgusting."

The article "The 'Reality' of Kids on Television," by Hilary Levey Friedman, Ph.D., discussed the laws protecting kids who appear on television and social media. 

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The Motor Specialist Suffers Backlash After He Posted His Son's Photos

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Earlier this month, The Blast reported that Anstead had come under fire after he uploaded a post that featured numerous images of Hudson. Since he filed for full custody of the toddler, the "Celebrity IOU: Joyride" host has repeatedly attacked his ex-wife for exploiting their son for monetary gains.

He, in fact, used that as the primary reason for wanting to exclusively be in charge of raising the three-year-old. In the docs he filed, the 43-year-old claimed that Christina included their child in her paid social media ads for selfish reasons.

Thus, critics had something to say when the father-of-three flooded his fans with the photos mentioned above. The slides showed Hudson in different poses, excitedly spending quality time with his father and grandfather, who had come for a visit. 

Despite the sweetness of the pictures, one person admonished, "You've stated she is exploiting him. Why can't you just be happy she is happy and move on. This isn't about your son… it's about her leaving her. Get over it."

Another onlooker confessed, "Christina can't post pictures, but you can. that's not fair." A third noted that the car enthusiast had remained "unhappy" even though Christina had not shared photos of Hudson online "in ages." Anstead responded to them, stating, "as a parent, I have no worry in shouldering the cost to protect him."

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