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Kanye West Axed By Talent Agency CAA Amid Anti-Semitic Tirades

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By MLC on October 24, 2022 at 11:15 PM EDT

Kanye West’s losses are now outweighing his wins.

The rapper has been dropped by his talent agency, Creative Arts Agency.

CAA is a well known talent agency and it represents a number of celebrities.

“Across film, television, music, sports, digital media, marketing, and beyond, we represent thousands of the world’s leading actors, directors, writers, producers, musical artists, comedians, authors, athletes, coaches, broadcasters, teams, leagues, chefs, designers, fashion talent, consumer brands, and more,” per their ‘About’ page.

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Kanye West Dropped By CAA

Kanye West leaving the gym in Los Angeles. 21 Oct 2022

According to a new report from Variety, Kanye is no longer a client at CAA.

In addition to this latest blow, a completed documentary about the rapper-turned-fashion designer has been scrapped by MRC studios.

MRC studio executives Modi Wiczyk, Asif Satchu and Scott Tenley announced the doco has been shelved in a memo on Monday, October 24th.

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MRC "Cannot Support Any Content That Amplifies His Platform"

“This morning, after discussion with our filmmakers and distribution partners, we made the decision not to proceed with any distribution for our recently completed documentary about Kanye West. We cannot support any content that amplifies his platform,” they wrote. “Kanye is a producer and sampler of music. Last week he sampled and remixed a classic tune that has charted for over 3,000 years — the lie that Jews are evil and conspire to control the world for their own gain.”

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The statement continued, “The silence from leaders and corporations when it comes to Kanye or antisemitism in general is dismaying but not surprising. What is new and sad, is the fear Jews have about speaking out in their own defense.”

Kanye’s anti-Semitic tirade began earlier this month where he threatened to go “deathcon 3 on JEWISH PEOPLE.”

He followed up the shocking tweet, which got him temporarily banned from both IG and Twitter, with multiple television interviews where he showed zero remorse for his comments.

Over the weekend, Kanye fans hung banners from an overpass on the 405 freeway which praised his recent anti-Semitic comments.

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One banner read, “Kanye is right about the Jews,” while another read, “Honk if you know.”

The demonstrators threw their arms up in the Nazi salute.

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Kanye West Fans Spread Anti-Jewish Hatred

Another talent agency that represented Kanye for a brief period of time condemned his remarks and the spread of hate speech.

UTA CEO Jeremy Zimmer sent out a company-wide email which stated, “Regrettably, antisemitism, racism and many forms of hate and intolerance are part of the fabric of society. Generally, they live as a plague eroding the health of communities and are combatted by understanding, tolerance and the general goodness of most people. But throughout history some have used their public platform to spew the plague out loud and spread the contagion to dangerous effect. Kanye is the latest to do so, and we’re seeing how his words embolden others to amplify their vile beliefs. I’ve also seen copies of horribly antisemitic flyers left this weekend on the doorsteps of homes in LA neighborhoods, showing that the 405 banners are not the end of it.”

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Kim and Khloe Kardashian along with Kylie Jenner have publicly issued responses to Kanye’s recent actions.

“Hate speech is never OK or excusable. I stand together with the Jewish community and call on the terrible violence and hateful rhetoric towards them to come to an immediate end,” Kim tweeted.

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