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By TheBlast Staff on April 6, 2020 at 1:02 PM EDT

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Do you remember the name Willam Belli?

If you don't remember let's get a little refresher here. Belli was on season four of the hit show 'RuPaul's Drag Race'. He was also the first contestant to ever get disqualified too. There are plenty of rumors as to why he was kicked off and we've all been left to wonder which one is true. Well it turns out we finally have the answer of why he was in fact disqualified and asked to leave the show.

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Willam Belli | Instagram

Unlike the contestant Sherry Pie who made her own scandal recently we know that at least Belli's reason was consensual. It was still rule breaking all the same.

Leslie Jones is the one person we have to thank for getting the tea spilled. She tweeted about the shock that it was to see Belli taken off the show after winning a challenge. It seemed enough time had passed for Belli to want to finally spill everything that happened during his time on the show.

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William Belli | Instagram

The biggest thing that caused this was him hooking up with a producer. Now, that was the final straw. He had closed with other producers while on the show but well the hooking up was the final straw that broke the camel's back.

Belli wasn't shy to call out the show about how they didn't always have decent food for the cast and was one that would complain. That was something that Belli was loud about and it was something he felt needed to be known.

It wasn't the only rule. No. He asked a friend to come do a blowout on one of his wigs which is still a bad thing but not as bad as hooking up with a producer. To make it worse it was in one of the stalls of the onset bathroom. While we understand there are needs there had to be a more romantic place right?

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The line that we all knew was that he was taken off the show because his husband visited. That isn't he case.

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Gettyimages | Chelsea Guglielmino

He and his husband have an open relationship. As long as they are honest about it it seems to work out. The producers wanted him to even bring his husband on the reunion episode but he refused. Since they didn't have the real husband in the audience they panned to a random person implying that he was the husband in question.

Mostly to just cover up what actually happened. We have to say we are a little shocked but it seems all is well now. Belli has landed many gigs and is doing an at home version of his show.

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