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'The Daily Show' To Undergo 'Reinvention' Hiatus After Trevor Noah's Exit

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 19, 2022 at 9:15 AM EDT

"The Daily Show" might find it hard to replace its current host after he leaves.

South African-born comedian Trevor Noah, who has hosted the show for the last seven years, recently shocked his fans when he announced his departure. The popular show does not seem to have an immediate replacement but is contemplating another course of action.

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'The Daily Show' Considers Hiatus After Trevor Noah's Exit

Trevor Noah at 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'

The show, under Comedy Central, is not looking to find a permanent replacement after Noah. Instead, they are thinking of creating a rotation of hosts instead. Although this alleged rotation has not been decided on, it is slated to happen after they come back from a break after he leaves in December.

The hiatus aims to reinvent the show and will not resume till January 2023. As reported by sources to the publication, the 38-year-old's announcement to step down from the show surprised the many producers and executives involved in the show. 

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This means the network has not had time to consider the show's direction properly without him. They faced a similar dilemma in 2015 when the host before Noah, Jon Stewart, suddenly announced that he intended to step down that same year. The difference is that Comedy Central had enough time to plan a replacement.

As of now, the company has declined to let executives comment, although, in a statement they released, it said, "In time, we will turn to the next chapter of "The Daily Show," and all of our incredible correspondents will be at the top of that list. Until then, we are focused on celebrating Trevor and thanking him for his many contributions."

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Per Variety, their delay in choosing a replacement has not stopped speculations on who it might be, with several names like correspondent Roy Wood Jr., contributor Jordan Klepper or performers Desi Lydic and Ronny Chieng popping up.

These names all contribute in one way or another to the show, which is why they are at the forefront of being considered. TV networks usually keep succession under wraps; however, most test new candidates openly. Central might follow Fox News Channel's steps, which likes to rotate its hosts after the main anchor or co-host has left. 

As reported by The Blast, Noah's last appearance on the show will be on the eighth of December, which will feature throwbacks of some of his best moments on the comedy show.

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Trevor Noah Explains The Reason For His Sudden Announcement

The "Isidingo" guest star might have announced his exit from "The Daily Show" too early, but it seems he had a good reason behind it. He appeared to have been thinking of his fans when he confirmed the news, according to a The Blast report. 

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In a video clip shared on the show's Instagram page, the "Coming 2 America" star explained his reason for leaving early to a sad audience member. In true comedic fashion, the "Born A Slave" writer likened his situation to a happy funeral where people would celebrate while he was in the coffin but still alive, which caused the entire audience to burst into laughter. 

Noah said that he did not believe there was anything like a "good goodbye," and he was aware of how significant the transition for his successor would be. He then acknowledged his co-workers and those behind the scenes that helped bring his visions to life. Adding, "So it is a huge process, and that's why I tell you I'm going so that it's not like an Irish goodbye."

The actor explained that instead of appearing one moment, bidding them farewell, and then disappearing, he preferred that they were told on time and ready. He then said, "So the goal is that, you know none of us are left in a place where we feel like it was instant or we feel like it was a surprise."

The radio host also said that he believed that the joy in anything was in knowing how best one did it, and he hoped that his viewers would keep watching even when he was not there. 

Noah then noted that he was excited to experience the world on a much more accessible scale and looked forward to "living a little more, expressing a little more, growing a little more, and trying new things."

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