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Peter Thomas Checked In On Ex Cynthia Bailey Amid Mike Hill Separation

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By Kay on October 19, 2022 at 2:00 AM EDT

Cynthia Bailey is a single woman again and her ex-husband, Peter Thomas is checking up on her.

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Cynthia Bailey Announce Her Divorce

Peter Thomas

The last time we saw Cynthia Bailey she was Cynthia Bailey-Hill, a newlywed who moved to L.A. for love, she seemed so happy and excited to be a wife again. No one saw a divorce coming, at least not this soon.

While we all feel it for Cyn and another failed marriage, her ex-husband Peter Thomas is also feeling bad for her, bad enough to reach out and open a dialogue with the two, one that in the past, Bailey has admitted can be odd!

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Cynthia Bailey Opened Up At BravoCon 2022

Cynthia Bailey & Mike Hill at the Los Angeles premiere of FOX Sports Films' "They Fight"

The model was cornered at BravoCon 2022 and asked how she was dealing with everything and specifically if she has heard from Thomas. “Peter reached out to me,” admitted Bailey, 55.“He said he just wishes me the best. He told me I was a queen and that I deserve the best, so that was really, really nice.”

Yeah, that was extremely nice considering, their relationship ended on a sour note. With Bailey being bitter about Thomas having more failed businesses than successful ones and him struggling to pay back the money he borrowed from her to get out from under the sinking bar and lounge.

The couple was married for seven years and finalized their divorce in 2017. Thomas and Bailey’s wedding and entire marriage played out on reality TV before fizzling out.

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When Cynthia Bailey Met Mike Hill...

//Cynthia Bailey

The reality star met Hill in 2018 and that relationship also played out on Real Housewives of Atlanta. Hill and Bailey had a different dynamic or so she shared with fans and her girlfriends while introducing Hill to the group.

He was different from Bailey’s ex Thomas, he worked in TV as a sportscaster and he insisted that he has never wanted to be married to anyone as badly as he wants to marry Bailey. The group loved him but certainly saw cracks.

Nonetheless, the two tied the knot and Bailey made even more of a commitment by spending most of her time in Los Angeles with Hill leaving behind family, friends, and independence.  She also left the RHOA and started an acting career.

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Cynthia Bailey And Mike Hill Announced Their Divorce Together

Cynthia Bailey at Good Morning America

The couple released a joint statement about their separation and Bailey has got on to share more details during her time at BravoCon 2022. “Our relationship and our marriage came with a lot of big transitions. I basically moved to a different city, a different house, started a whole new career at 55 years old. So that was all a lot of stress for me.”

She also cites some “incompatibilities”. She also points out that she is in “full menopause” and not the most pleasant to be around. A divorce shouldn’t be the answer though. As for dating, she admits she’s only be single for a hot second and not really thinking about it.

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“I just honestly stopped wearing my wedding ring with the announcement because although we were going through some things, it was important to me to honor my marriage all the way until the end.”

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