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Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin To Keep Dog That Sparked Divorce Drama

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By Afouda Bamidele on October 17, 2022 at 5:30 PM EDT

Things seem to be rosy and blossoming between Sylvester Stallone and his wife of more than two decades, Jennifer Flavin, months after being on the brink of a divorce.

Fans would recall that the couple fell out shortly after their 25th wedding anniversary and upon Stallone's purchase of a rottweiler. However, the dog has become an actual member of the family and is even adored by Flavin, who was previously not so enthusiastic about the purchase.

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Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin Have A New Family Member!

Sylvester Stallone & Jennifer Flavin at 'The Expendables 2' UK film premiere

The dog, Dwight, is not only living with Stallone's family in Hidden Hills, but the woman of the house has taken a liking to him, per TMZ. It is no news that Flavin did not want another dog, especially one as large as the Rottweiler but her spouse went on to bring the pup home, triggering a spat between the married duo.

The 76-year-old movie star then covered a tattoo of his wife on his arm, replacing it with a dog's face, which sources revealed was very upsetting for her. Regardless, all seems to be forgiven, given that the divorce filing has been dropped, the family is reconciled, and they plan on keeping the doggie. 

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Speaking of the couple's quarrel, The Blast revealed Stallone wanted to get the Rottweiler to help protect his family, but Flavin was not keen on the idea. Although the former model stood her ground, the actor still got the dog and even showed him off on social media, naming him after the character he plays in the new "Tulsa King."

As for the replaced tattoo of Flavin's face, it reportedly prompted her to file for a divorce just a day after the new hound ink was spotted. In addition, her divorce petition indicated more to the marriage dissolution, as she claimed Stallone planned on hiding some marital assets from her.

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The documents also stated that their marital union was "irretrievably broken." Parts of the proceedings read, "Upon information and belief, the husband has engaged in the intentional dissipation, depletion and/or waste of marital assets which has had an adverse economic impact on the marital state."

Flavin also asked "to be compensated and made whole by receiving an unequal distribution of the marital assets in her favor." She implied that the "Rocky" star intentionally tried to lay waste to their joint possessions, attempting to reduce whatever they could contest over when the legal proceedings begin.

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As a result, she implored the court to deter him from "selling, transferring, assigning, encumbering, or dissipating any assets during the pendency of proceedings." On the other hand, Closer Weekly reported that Stallone said he loves his family, and they were "amicably" and "privately" addressing the marital problems.

Not to mention, his replacement of his wife's face on his arm was reportedly due to him wanting to give the ink a new look which went terribly wrong, leading him to cover it all up with a dog's face.

His publicist revealed so, stating, "Mr. Stallone intended to refresh the tattoo image of his wife Jennifer Flavin; however, the results were unsatisfactory and unfortunately unfixable." Fans may believe there could be more behind the narrative, given that the divorce filing was dropped not long after.

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The United Family Step Out In Style 

October came with a fantastic update about Stallone and Flavin's relationship as they stepped out together for the first time after almost getting divorced. As reported by The Blast, they turned up as a couple for the Ralph Lauren SS23 Runway Show alongside their daughters, Sophia, 26, and Sistine, 24.

Fans got to see the family looking as adorable as ever at the event held at the Huntington Library, Art Collections, and Botanical Gardens in California. Stallone was impeccably dressed in a light brown jacket over a white shirt and slacks while his wife rocked a chocolate brown off-the-shoulder dress.

Their daughters were also dressed perfectly, with Sophia opting for a white outfit and a gold jacket while Sistine wore a champagne gown and a vintage-style leather jacket.

The family's appearance was shown in a playful TikTok video shared by the older daughter showing Stallone introducing everyone, with each family member popping out one after the other, starting with Sophia and ending with Sistine.

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