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Taylor Swift Reveals Karma Could Be Real In Latest TikTok Installment!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 7, 2022 at 2:00 AM EDT

2016 was a pretty difficult year for Taylor Swift.

The year of Pokemon Go and Kayne West's blockbuster record "The Life Of Pablo" had been a time of personal reckoning for Swift.

The "Clean" singer had suddenly found herself in the middle of a tornadic narrative she would later plead once again to be excluded from; West expressed his ire toward her in the lyrics from a track on the aforementioned album, and she soon would become a momentary target of the internet's irritation as a result.

The second public spectacle involving West would soon have an impact on her career just like the first, (who could forget the infamous moment when he stormed the stage at the 2009 MTV VMA's?), and Swift would soon become inspired to create art in response.

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The 'Old Taylor' Couldn't Come To The Phone: She Was Busy Working On Her 'Reputation'

For those who may need a reminder of the drama that dominated Swift's world at the time, she had been none too pleased with the way West described her in "Famous," a track where he had referred to her by name.

West called Swift a b***h, and claimed to have made her famous.

A war of words soon broke out between West, Swift, and West's now-former wife Kim Kardashian. In defense of her husband who had maintained Swift had allowed him to release the track, Kardashian posted footage on her Snapchat of the phone call, which was later proved to have been edited, according to Vox.

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Both Swift and her publicist would release respective statements, (Swift's was written in the Notes app and later posted on her Instagram), to clarify she hadn't given West explicit permission to use her likeness as he did in "Famous'' final lyrics, but instead to release the song via Swift's Twitter. (via Vox)

Swift had "cautioned him about releasing a song with such a misogynistic message" in reality.

Kardashian would go on to tweet, "Wait, it's legit National Snake Day?!?! They have holidays for everybody, I mean everything these days," along with several snake emojis. (via Buzzfeed) after Swift had posted her side of the story.

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'Swifties' are likely aware that the snake-related online harassment Swift had experienced as a result of Kardashian's tweet would go on to play a role in the music video for her lead single from 2017's "Reputation," "Look What You Made Me Do."

In the song's lyrics, Swift sings, "The world moves on/another day, another drama, drama/but not for me, not for me/All I think about is karma."

The subject of karma would later come up again within the Swiftie universe in a big way!

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Karma Creeps Up Again!

The period of Swift's life and career that her fanbase affectionately dubs "bleachella" would soon become a karma-related fixture in Swiftie-lore.

Swifties have long been adamant in support of a theory pertaining to an unreleased album by the name of "karma," which was allegedly thought to have been recorded and slated to be Swift's sixth album.

According to a recent Rolling Stone piece, a component of the theory is the idea that "Karma" had been "scrapped" in the wake of Swift's scrap with the former Wests, and "Reputation" had been written and recorded in its place.

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The article also mentions a minute detail wherein Swift had mentioned her belief that "karma is real" in an interview with Vogue for their "73 Questions" segment; Swifties also believe this is a clue pointing to the album's existence.

Karma Comes Around At Midnight(s)!

The 'karma' train soon left the station once again on social media this morning after Swift announced the name of the eleventh track on her upcoming tenth album, "Midnights."

The Blast has been along for the ride in covering Swift's exciting TikTok series wherein she has been revealing song names for "Midnights," which was announced in late August, and will arrive on October 21st.

In addition to continuing a component of the "Midnights Mayhem With Me" series where Swift reveals the track names while speaking into the receiver of a retro-inspired phone, (sometimes the phone is upside down!!), Swift laughs and looks directly into the camera at the end of the TikTok.

Mayhem was unleashed on Twitter and in the subreddit dedicated to Swift after the TikTok was posted!

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Twitter user @likedaylight_ posted a Swift-related take on the popular meme featuring a little girl smirking at the camera while standing in front of a burning house.

"taylor swift announcing track 11 is called karma, and watching stan twitter go crazy," the tweet reads.

@niclxo_o tweeted, "i still can't get over with the fact that when taylor swift announced that track 11 is called karma, she straight-up laughed at us like 'ha ha ha bet u are not mentally stable enough to let that sink in."

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