Taylor Swift wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress, Christian Louboutin shoes, and Lorraine Schwartz jewelry arrives at the 2022 MTV Video Music Awards

Taylor Swift Continues To Inspire Mayhem On TikTok Ahead Of 'Midnights' Release!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on October 5, 2022 at 10:30 PM EDT

Days will soon turn into hours and then into minutes until the release of Taylor Swift's tenth album, "Midnights!"

Swift knows her devoted fanbase of 'Swifties' would love nothing more than to spend their midnights until October 21st devouring and soaking up everything there is to know about the latest era in her lucrative career.

How are fans gearing up for "Midnights," you ask? By following along with Swift's TikTok series, "Midnights Mayhem With Me!"

The "Enchanted" singer began unleashing mayhem on TikTok feeds late last month after posting the first glimpse into her new record by revealing the name of the album's thirteenth track!

Swift has continued to divulge track names for "Midnights" every few days, and The Blast has feverishly kept tabs on the excitement.

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Read on to catch up on the latest news regarding the most exciting album rollout in pop music's recent history!

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Barreling Into The 'Midnights' Era: What Has Ms. Swift Been Up To Lately?


Keeping up with the activities of pop music's busiest princess lately may just be more chaotic than keeping up with the Kardashians!

Swift's world has revolved around ushering in the newest chapter of her career since late August. Her appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards wherein she collected three out of the five 'moon men' she was nominated for, would soon become better known as the first public glimpse into the "Midnights" era!

After making her acceptance speech for the "All Too Well (10 Minute Version) (Taylor's Version)" short film, Swift revealed the existence of her new album, and let the elated audience members know she would reveal more information on social media at the stroke of midnight!

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So far, the "Midnights" era has been celebrated by the revelation of the record's different cover versions of the LP via Swift's Instagram and TikTok accounts, and through easter eggs and an exclusive edition of the album which will soon be available at Target.

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Could Swifties Soon Be Able To Live Out Their 'Midnights' Through A World Tour?

Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian & More Are Killing The Earth!

Live music has been greatly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic over the last two years, with countless show postponements and tour cancellations.

Swift's tour plans were no exception.

Back in 2020, she had planned to take her seventh album "Lover" on the road but was soon forced to pull the plug on her plans.

"This is an unprecedented pandemic that has changed everyone's plans and no one knows what the touring landscape is going to look like in the near future," Swift wrote in a Twitter announcement pertaining to the further cancelation of Swift's "Lover Fest" shows.

Two years later Swift has two additional albums under her belt and, by the time she returns to playing live shows, fans will be able to scream along to 13 additional new songs!

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The possibility of Swities being able to see their girl on tour for the first time in years could soon become a reality!

According to one of The Blast's recent reports, sources close to the "Love Story" singer revealed to Page Six Swift is reportedly planning to tour in the summer of next year.

"Taylor has really ambitious plans in place," the source told Page Six. "She's excited to get back on the road after such a long and fruitful break."

An additional source alleged "several shows have been booked" for the tour, but there has not been any concrete confirmation from anyone in Swift's camp.

Catching Up On "Midnights Mayhem With Taylor!"

Luckily Swifties have a lot to look forward to until they're able to congregate and celebrate hearing songs from "folklore," "evermore," and "Midnights" performed live!

By the time Swift embarks on her next future world tour, fans could possibly hear the tracks "Midnight Rain," "Maroon," "Anti-Hero," and "Bejeweled" as part of a hypothetical set list.

These tracks are the sixth, second, third, and ninth songs on "Midnights!"

In the description for the "Anti-Hero" TikTok, Swift revealed that signed "Midnights" CDs with photos were now available on her website!

"Midnights" will be released on October 21st!

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