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Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Warrior Proves To Be The Hardest Working Staff At Australia Zoo

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on October 4, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

Bindi Irwin's baby girl is fast making her way into the labor market!

Irwin and her husband Chandler Powell recently shared a cute video of their adorable daughter Grace Warrior pulling her weight at Australia Zoo, and we can't help but fan girl!

Both parents also work at the Zoo owned by Irwin's mum and seemed extremely excited that their toddler, Grace, is following in their footsteps. The couple welcomed their baby girl in March 2021 and have since then continually showcased cute moments of her on social media. 

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Bindi Irwin's Daughter Appears To Have Inherited Her Family's Hardworking Genes

The 24-year-old zoo keeper posted an Instagram Reel over the weekend showing her 18-month-old baby wandering around the zoo in her pajamas after working hours. 

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Instagram / bindisueirwin
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Grace was seen holding her tiny hammer and a bucket while rocking her animal-print PJs that had Kangaroo and other animals imprinted on the outfit. She paraded the environment with her messy brown hair tucked behind her ears. 

The video began with Powell saying, "Now, I'm sure some of you have wondered what happens at the Australia Zoo after all animals have gone to bed and everyone is clocked off for their workday. Well, we are here with special behind-the-scenes footage of a certain someone who starts their workday as soon as everybody's gone home."

And that special someone happened to be their lovely daughter. Irwin, picking up from where her husband stopped, jokingly said, "You know, I can honestly say I didn't know that the Australia Zoo maintenance team uniform was Pajamas." 

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Warrior's first stop was the bridge. She walked down the wooded bridge to inspect the rail for safety. "Are you doing maintenance on the bridge? With your tiny baby hammer? Irwin inquired.

The toddler went on to spot a bird in the sky before continuing her mission. Her mum then concluded, "well, you made sure everything was fixed on the bridge. You found the birds, what's next?" 

The duo continued showcasing their courageous baby as she explored other areas of the large surroundings. Captioning the video, the proud mum wrote, "Our girl loves exploring her big, beautiful backyard. I'm so grateful she gets to grow up surrounded by animals and spectacular gardens for adventuring ❤️."

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Fans poured in love and support for the brave toddler, with one writing, "Go, Grace, your cuteness alone would win you maintenance employee of the year!!! [Clapping emoji]. While another wrote, "She's so sweet (and I hope you pay her a good wage for her work!!)."

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Warrior Has An Adorable Secret Item She Cannot Do Without

Not only does baby Grace love working at the Zoo, but the young one has a unique item she is obsessed with. Per The Blast, the "Crocodile Hunter" star posted a picture of herself and her daughter on Instagram with a revealing message.

She wrote, "Grace Warrior. ? Always carrying a spoon around… you know, just in case! Love my beautiful girl". In the picture was a black and white shot of herself with the little one who could be seen holding a spoon and being carried up in the air. 

Also, the mother and daughter duo appeared to have been captured with a natural backdrop that featured extensive fields of greenery and hills, prompting her fans to flood the comments section with sweet messages of admiration for the duo.

One fan joked, "Has she been watching Friends?! She could have learned from Joey that you never know when you might need your special cheesecake utensils," while another added, "Never can be too prepared for those emergency snacks !!"

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The Toddler Once Had A Touching Interaction With Her Late Grandpa

Warrior's bravery runs deep in her family and can be attributed to the fact that her granddad happened to be the iconic late Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin, who stole the hearts of millions with the unique relationship he had with animals. 

As The Blast previously reported, Bindi shared a lovely video of her daughter wobbling outside the zoo's "Tasmanian Devil Habitat," which was temporarily closed for renovations. To wade off the public from encroaching, barriers marked with warning flyers were placed outside the habitat, and these posters contained a picture of Steve.

The doting mum and her daughter paid a visit to the blockade. She then videoed Warrior, asking her if she could recognize her grandfather, to which the bright child immediately ran up to one of the signs and pointed at it, earning several compliments from her mother. 

The famous conservationist then asked a second question, "Do you love Grandpa Crocodile?" and the little one happily replied, "Yeah!" before leaning forward to gaze in adoration at Steve's picture. 

This post earned over 200,000 likes and numerous comments, with many stating that Steve's soul must have shared a connection with his granddaughter.

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