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Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Warrior Had Heartwarming Interaction Involving Late Grandpa

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By Afouda Bamidele on August 3, 2022 at 9:00 AM EDT

Bindi Irwin's late dad's spirit lives on through the memories of his loved ones, especially in the heart of his adorable granddaughter.

Before his tragic passing in 2006, the beloved Australian wildlife expert stole the hearts of millions with his beautiful relationship with animals, earning him the nickname "The Crocodile Hunter."

The legacy of the late conservationist continues through the efforts of his family members like his daughter Bindi, who recently proved that her daughter Grace Warrior could recognize her grandfather.

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Bindi Irwin's Daughter Excitedly Reacts To A Picture Of 'Grandpa Crocodile'

Steve Irwin promotes his movie "The Crocodile Hunter Collision Course" at Las vegas

The apple never falls far from the tree with the Irwins as the family of zookeepers grew up surrounded by various animals and wildlife at their Australian sanctuary, the same life Grace currently enjoys to the fullest.

On Sunday, July 31, Bindi welcomed the new month by sharing a heartwarming Instagram video of her one-year-old daughter toddling outside the zoo's Tasmanian devil habitat, which had been temporarily closed for renovations.

To dissuade the public from attempting to access the site, barriers marked with warning flyers were placed outside the habitat. These posters contained a picture of Steve in a white hard hat alongside the words "Crikey We're Under Construction."

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In the video, which Bindi filmed, Grace looked like a little Barbie doll in a comfy pink windbreaker paired with a long-sleeve pink top, black-and-white striped trousers, and soft pink shoes.

The doting mother gave her daughter the spotlight as only her voice could be heard in the background during the "Bindi the Jungle Girl" star's visit to the blockade with the one-year-old.

When the TV personality asked if the toddler could recognize her grandfather, the bright child immediately ran up to one of the signs and pointed at it, earning several compliments from her mother.

Bindi's second question was, "Do you love Grandpa Crocodile?" and Grace happily replied, "Yeah!" before leaning forward to gaze in adoration at Steve's picture.

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The precious angel later walked over to the second poster, this time giving a cute wave while her mother could be heard narrating the touching interaction in a babyish voice.

As the one-year-old moved back and forth between the posters, the "Return to Nim's Island" star expressed her love for the little girl by saying: "I love you, sweetheart. Grandpa Crocodile loves you too."

In the accompanying caption, the conservationist explained that the ongoing construction in the Tasmanian devil habitat  at their Australian zoo would make the sanctuary "beautiful."

However, the most charming sight had to be Grace's reaction to her grandfather's warning sign, which Bindi stated was her daughter's favorite part as she enjoyed visiting Grandpa Crocodile.

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Fans echoed similar sentiments by flooding the post with over 200,000 likes and numerous comments, many of which stated that Steve's soul must have connected with his granddaughter.

On the other hand, Chandler Powell, Grace's father, gushed about his adoration for his daughter by praising her cheerful wave. The former wakeboarder wrote: "Her little wave gets me every time."

The 'Free Willy' Star's Daughter Resembles Her Grandpa In A Unique Way

Bindi Irwin and Steve Irwin
Instagram / bindisueirwin

As previously shared by ET, the "Bindi's Bootcamp" host, alongside her mother Terri and younger brother Robert, described the similarities between Steve and Grace during a conversation with the news outlet earlier this year.

The widow of the "Crocodile Hunter Diaries" star explained that her granddaughter had the same connection and passion her late husband had with wildlife.

Terri noted that it never ceases to amaze her whenever animals naturally gravitate to Grace, recalling how the one-year-old would go out in the morning on her stroller and end up surrounded by Kangaroos.

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Bindi jumped in, sharing stories about how Koalas would climb out of their trees to catch a glimpse of the little girl. The TV personality also claimed that an Aldabra tortoise formed strong bonds with the toddler and served as her best friend.

Last month, while celebrating her 24th birthday, The Blast reported that the "Dancing with the Stars" season 21 winner paid tribute to her daughter in an emotional post.

After sharing pictures from a picnic party, which her family attended, the wildlife activist thanked her relatives, spouse, and daughter for teaching her various life lessons, such as finding beauty in everything.

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