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Elton John Releases 'Hold Me Closer' Music Video Without Britney Spears

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By Kristin Myers on September 28, 2022 at 1:17 PM EDT
Updated on September 28, 2022 at 1:18 PM EDT

Sir Elton John has released the music video for his new song, "Hold Me Closer," but neither he nor Britney Spears actually appears in the colorful music video.

"Hold Me Closer" was a smashing success for Britney, 40. Not only was it her first song in six years, but it was the first track released after her stifling 13-year conservatorship ended in November 2021.

On Tuesday, September 27, Elton John, 75, shared the news of the music video's release on Instagram. Interestingly enough, the "Toxic" singer has been pretty quiet on social media over the past few days and has not promoted the music video at all.

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Elton John Says 'Hold Me Closer' Music Video Captures The 'Intimacy' Missing From The World

In an Instagram post promoting the song on Tuesday, the “Rocket Man” singer didn’t have enough positive things to say about the song.

“Check out the stunning dance video for ‘Hold Me Closer’, shot in Mexico City by the award-winning director @tanumuino beautifully capturing an immeasurable feeling of intimacy so missing from the world through the turmoil and chaos of recent times,” he wrote in the caption.

The video was directed by Tanu Muiño, who is best known for directing music videos like Lizzo’s “Rumors,” Lil Nas X's "Montero," andHarry Styles' "As It Was.” Tanu Muiño commented, “???” on John’s post.

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Although some fans praised the “beautiful” music video, others were disappointed that Britney did not make an appearance in the music video. “Yup! As we expected: no Britney. Rather boring,” one user commented. “There’s no Britney in that! ?,” another follower added. “No Britney = fail. What’s the point?” another user asked.

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Tanu Muiño Says She Wanted To Make Elton John and Britney Spears Proud

Elton John and Britney Spears
Instagram | Elton John

In a press release promoting the colorful dance video (via PEOPLE), the Ukrainian director said that she was honored to make a music video for two pop icons that she had idolized growing up. She revealed that watching the music video for Britney Spears’ “I’m A Slave 4 U” was fundamental in inspiring her to become a video director.

She admitted that fans of both legendary artists would have a lot of “emotional expectations” for the music video, so she wanted to do something “different and unexpected” that she hoped fans could still enjoy.

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//px Elton_John_in_Norway_
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"The dance had to be forward-thinking to raise eyebrows and make Elton and Britney proud," she said. "To capture this magic, we shot around all my favorite architectural locations in Mexico City and brought on choreographer Jacob Jonas, who does the best contemporary choreography today."

Although the “Stronger” singer might have been instrumental in her career, Muiño revealed that it was Elton John’s star power that was helpful in recruiting top talent to appear in the music video. "Getting the best dancers, crew, and access to some of the most private locations in the world was simple, as everyone wanted to work with Elton John and be part of his legacy," Muiño said.

Britney Spears Admitted To Being 'Overwhelmed' By Her First Song In Six Years

In a lengthy Twitter thread ahead of the song's release, the "Slumber Party" singer took to social media to share that her first song in six years was a "big deal" to her.

"Okie dokie … my first song in 6 years !!!! It’s pretty damn cool that I’m singing with one of the most classic men of our time …@eltonofficial !!!!" she tweeted. "I’m kinda overwhelmed… it’s a big deal to me !!! I’m meditating more and learning my space is valuable and precious !!!"

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Britney Spears posts close-up selfie on private plane
Instagram | Britney Spears

Britney said that she is learning every day to "try and be a better person and do what makes me happy." She added, "I tell myself every day to let go of the hurt bitterness and try to forgive myself and others to what may have been hurtful."

Britney went on to say that she strives to be "fearless like when I was younger and not be so scared and fearful," adding, "Yes … I choose happiness and joy today !!!"

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