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'The Bachelor' Alumna Madi Prewett Celebrates Engagement With Picture Perfect Party

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By Taylor Hodgkins on September 29, 2022 at 1:00 AM EDT

Madison 'Madi' Prewett is ready to begin her personal happily-ever-after story!

Bachelor Nation first met Prewett during Peter Weber's season of "The Bachelor." Weber, who had the 'bachelor' title two years ago, had given Prewett enough roses to advance her to the runner-up position by the end of the season, but she ultimately came in second to Hannah Ann Sluss.

'Bachelor' fans were soon thrown for a loop after Weber had decided to throw a bunch of metaphorical thorns on his engagement to Sluss by breaking it off and deciding to explore the possibility of rekindling his romance with Prewett, much to the chagrin of his mother!

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What Happened To Prewett And Weber's Relationship?

Prewett, now 26, detailed how she perceived the negativity at length in her memoir, "Made For This Moment: Standing Firm with Strength, Grace, and Courage" which was released last year.

"I was stunned by the accusations and hurtful comments, words that felt like an attack on my character and convictions," Prewett wrote in the book about Mrs. Weber, "Words to berate me. This was the last thing I expected. I kept running until I found a single bathroom to lock myself in and be alone so that I could gather my thoughts. I kept rehashing what had just happened and felt so embarrassed, humiliated, and more hurt than I'd ever been." (via Us Weekly)

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Prewett and her 'pilot Pete' had decided to continue their relationship by the time the couple appeared on his season's "After The Final Rose" special, and declared their intention to do so. The pair soon split up again.

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A Rose For Waiting On Happiness: Prewett Finds 'Mr. Right!'

The author and motivational speaker would soon go on to have a love story that has become common within Bachelor Nation; she found true love and her way to the altar outside of the 'Bachelor' bubble!

The Blast reported on Prewett's decision to go public with her new relationship. She announced she was now dating basketball player Grant Troutt via an Instagram post.

Prewett has openly talked about her admiration for Troutt's relationship with his Christian faith and his ability to plan a memorable date night.

She told E! per our report that she had felt "so loved" after he planned an oceanside date!

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The pair didn't wait long before revealing their next relationship milestone! Troutt and Prewett both announced their engagement on Instagram last month, after Troutt elaborately popped the question by the ocean!

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Inside The Future Troutt's Engagement Party!

Prewett and her man are now deep in wedding planning mode, and the celebrating is just beginning!

Last night she posted a photo set on Instagram of the party. The duo partied the night away with friends, and incorporated sweet elements of their relationship into their special day!

The couple included pictures from their engagement photoshoot around the party's venue which looks to be a family room.

Prewett and Troutt also incorporated their younger selves into their big day, by posing with cardboard cut-outs of their mini-selves!

The former 'Bachelor' babe and her groom-to-be's engagement bash is a symbol that an even BIGGER day is just around the corner! She spoke to People magazine about the couple's plan to tie the knot in a shorter timespan than perhaps most couples would plan for.

"We want the wedding to embody our values and beliefs and be the best celebration with all of our people," Prewett told the outlet. "We want a chic and classy wedding. We're so excited to do life together!"

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