Did Madison Prewett Know What She Was Getting Herself into When She Signed Up for 'The Bachelor'?

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By TheBlast Staff on March 7, 2020 at 6:14 AM EST

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The Bachelor is a widespread television show, and even if you haven't seen it, you likely know what it's about. While some believe it's just trashy television, and others think the complete opposite, clearly Madison didn't know much before she joined the cast.

Two weeks ago during Fantasy Suites, Madison came clean to Peter Weber and told him that she was saving herself for marriage. She also stated that she would be uncomfortable if he were to sleep with the other two contestants, Hannah Ann and Victoria F.

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On Hannah Brown's season of The Bachelorette, where Weber was a contestant, the two had sex four times inside of a windmill. This went on to be huge news in The Bachelor community, so it's surprising that Madison didn't know about it before going on the show.

Clearly Weber, as he's addressed recently in the show, thinks it's important to be intimate with someone he's going to marry. He didn't take Madison's ultimatum well, and chose to sleep with the other two girls anyways.

Madison's first entrance to the show was adorable. She carried a model paper airplane that was nearly the same size as she was and drove it like she was the pilot.

Since then, her and Peter have really connected. They got even closer on her hometown date, where they played basketball together.

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However, things fell a part after that when she pulled him aside after the hometown rose ceremony. Her conversation with Weber wasn't clear, and it didn't seem like she really knew how to say what she wanted to say.

On the Chatty Broads podcast, the hosts Martinez and Ambrose addressed their concerns about the way Madison tried to explain herself.

Ambrose said, "When ... [Prewett is] angry at [Weber], I'm a little bit like, 'well... you told him you didn't want him to do it, but it wasn't clear that you were going to leave.'"

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"It's a catch-22. If you're gonna say, 'I'm gonna leave,' ... I might have to say bye to you right now," Martinez responded. "I think she was perceiving ... that if she gave a hard, 'I'm going to leave," Martinez continued, explaining that Weber could have said, "'well, then see yourself out right now.'"

At this point, during Fantasy Suites week, Weber claimed that he was deeply in love with all three of the women. This is why it was so hard for him to deal with Madison's ultimatum. He claimed that his relationships with the other two girls were also important, and that he had to see those through as well.

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But, as we've seen in the finale, he's clearly heartbroken about something. Madison potentially left, and he may be breaking things off with Hannah Ann. If that's the case, apparently those other two relationships really weren't worth all the trouble.

When Martinez and Ambrose began to talk about why they thought Madison decided to join the show in the first place, Martinez said, "She didn't seem to really have a plan."

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