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'Selling The OC' Tyler Stanaland Reportedly 'Really Happy' After Brittany Snow Split

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By Favour Adegoke on September 22, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

Reality star Tyler Stanaland reportedly looked happy amid his split with estranged wife, Brittany Snow. Less than a week ago, the duo announced that they had ended their two-year marriage and asked fans for support during the period.

Hours after the announcement, the 33-year-old was spotted out and about with Alex Hall and Polly Brindle, his co-stars from "Selling the OC." The trio were reportedly out for drinks and flirted the entire night. Stanaland and Hall came under fire due to their flirtatious behavior on the show.

Recent reports claim that the reality star looked happy and was more concerned with his Netflix show than his crumbling marriage with Snow.

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Tyler Stanaland Looks 'Really Happy' After Split With Brittany Snow

Stanaland was recently spotted in high spirits shortly after his split with "Pitch Perfect" star Snow. The duo was married for two years before announcing the end of their marriage a few days ago. According to Page Six, the day the announcement was made, the 33-year-old was spotted looking "really happy."

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Tyler Stanaland
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Rather than being somber about the end of his marriage, Stanaland was reportedly more focused on his recent Netflix show and if the project would be renewed for another season. The insider said, "It seems like he wanted fame like Snow."

According to another source, the "Selling the OC" cast was seen two weekends ago at a bar called Wild Goose. Stanaland was reportedly "hitting on girls the whole night." However, another person on the scene revealed that the reality star was only talking to some fans who came over.

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Tyler Stanaland Was Out With His Costars

More recently, Stanaland was spotted with his "Selling the OC" co-stars Polly Brindle and Alex Hall in The Quiet Woman in Corona Del Mar just hours after announcing his separation. According to eyewitnesses on the scene, the three reality stars looked cozy together and constantly flirted with each other.

According to E! News, a source revealed that Hall was "jumping all over" Stanaland and tried to pick him up a number of times. They became even more flirty when they went outside the restaurant.

"Polly was sitting next to Tyler, and she was also all over him," the source said. "They were very touchy-feely and talking close to each other, arm around each other's chairs. So outside, Tyler and Alex were all over each other, and inside it was Tyler and Polly flirting."

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Tyler Stanaland And Brittany Snow Announced Their Separation 

On September 14, Snow took to Instagram to announce that she and Stanaland had decided to end their marriage. The Instagram post read, "After time and consideration, Tyler and I have made the difficult decision to separate."

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The actress continued, "This decision was made with love and mutual respect for one another. We have realized we need to take some time and make sure we are each living our most fulfilling and authentic lives. We started this journey as best friends, and our relationship will continue to be a priority not only for us but for our dog Charlie."

The 36-year-old concluded the post by asking for fans' support and some privacy while they "navigate this new chapter." Not long after, Stanaland posted a similar message on his page.

He Was Criticized For Flirting On 'Selling The OC' With His Female Costars

Prior to his divorce, Stanaland and Hall were criticized by viewers for their behavior in the reality series. At a point, the duo was shown cuddling on a beach, all while the 33-year-old was still married. When asked about the situation, Hall told Page Six that she did not regret her decision and would "do it again" if given another chance.

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Hall added, "I don't regret that. And anything that I did — that I have done on the show that people see — I don't regret any of it." The 33-year-old did reveal that there were "apologies that have taken place" concerning her behavior. She claimed that she was in a good place with Snow, at least much better than Kayla Cardona, who attempted to kiss Stanaland previously.

The flirting apparently extended past the reality series, according to a source who claimed that the duo was seen looking cozy during the 2022 MTV Movie & TV Awards.

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