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This 'Simpsons' Prediction Swirls The Internet Into A Royal Frenzy

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on September 20, 2022 at 6:15 PM EDT

"The Simpsons" are back at it again, or are they?

As you might know, last week, the world lost an icon in the person of Queen Elizabeth II. The late Queen of the United Kingdom, who made history as the longest-serving monarch, passed away at 96 after 70 long years of reign.

The Queen was buried on Monday, September 19, after a week-long event celebrating her legacy and honoring her memory. In light of Her Majesty's passing, speculations have surfaced that the famous animated sitcom "The Simpsons" might have predicted her passing.

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What Did 'The Simpsons' Say About Queen Elizabeth II's Passing?

Amid news that the Queen passed away, many netizens have been crediting the Fox Network cartoon series for being ahead of the world’s major events.

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Queen Elizabeth dies aged 96 - 8 Sep 2022
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As you might know, the series has built a reputation for predicting the future, including Donald Trump becoming president, spoiler episodes of fan-favorite "Game of Thrones," the Walt Disney and 21st Century Fox merger, amongst other events.

Hence, it came as no surprise when TikTok user @Moviesandmemes46790 shared a clip alleging that "The Simpsons" did indeed predict the Queen’s passing. In the 58-second clip, Homer and his family are vacationing in London when they crash into the Queen’s carriage, causing it to tumble over.

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Homer emerges from his car to check the carriage to see if its occupants are alright, and Queen Elizabeth arises from the rubles with scratches on her body. Next to her, pasted on the carriage is a piece of paper with the date 8.9.2022 written on it — the actual date of the monarch’s passing.

The TikTok of the scene from Season 15 Episode 4 of "The Simpson" received over 1 million likes from internet users on the video-sharing platform. While some fans believed the show did it again, others were quick to point out that nothing of such happened in the original episode and slammed the user for using photoshop to deceive people.

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One fan pointed out, "Great effort with the photoshop, but The Simpsons are American the date would have been 9.8.22," while another noted, "Yeah, nice edit btw. Heads up tho, you missed a few frames there."

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However, that wasn’t the only video suggesting "The Simpsons" knee about the Queen’s end. Another 8-second clip from TikTok user @laikcal showed the late royal lying in a casket with an engraved plaque that reads "Elizabeth II 1926-2022."

The second video racked over 300,000 likes, with many fans believing the prediction. "I believe the Simpsons before government," stated one user, while another claimed, "the creator of the Simpsons is a time traveler."

However, in a similar fashion as the first clip, eagle-eyed fans and observant watchers of the sitcom revealed that the image of the Queen in a casket is actually a fake. In the real "The Simpsons" version, it’s Donald Trump that’s lying in the coffin and the plaque wasn’t included.

Per reports, Queen Elizabeth II has only been portrayed in six episodes of the Matt Groening-created sitcom and none of them show her dying.

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Did The Sitcom Also Predict Russian-Ukraine War?

Earlier this year, the beloved sitcom, which boasts 34 seasons, made headlines for seemingly predicting Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, which has since evolved into a war.

Per reports, a 1998 episode titled "Simpson Tide" showed Homer accidentally firing a submarine into Russian waters prompting the emergence of a newly emerged Soviet Union to deploy tanks and resurrect the Berlin Wall. Showrunner Al Jean agreed that the event was predicted, writing in a tweet, "very sad to say this was not hard to predict."

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Jean elaborated on his statement in an interview, saying, "I hate to say it, but I was born in 1961, so 30 years of my life were lived with the specter of the Soviet Union. So, to me, this is sadly more the norm than it is a prediction. We just figured things were going to go bad."

In January 2021, The Blast reported on how the long-running sitcom predicted Vice President Kamala Harris’ outfit to the Inauguration of her and President Joe Biden.

For the big day, Harris donned a purple dress with a pearl necklace over a matching coat. To no one and everyone’s surprise, Lisa Simpson wore a similar outfit in a season 17 episode when she became the first female President of the United States. While Harris wasn’t the first president, she was the first female Vice President in the nation’s history.

While The Simpsons" have a long history of predicting true life events, they might have missed it with the Queen’s passing.

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