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Joey Lawrence And Wife Samantha Cope Are Soon To Be Parents!

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By Favour Adegoke on September 9, 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT

Actors Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope have wasted no time expanding their little family. The "Blossom" actor recently announced in an Instagram post that he and the "Insecure" actress are expecting their first baby together. The post included a picture of the couple showing off Cope's baby bump at the beach.

Lawrence and Cope got married on May 1st in a small outdoor ceremony their family and friends attended, including Lawrence's brothers and two daughters. He had previously revealed to Us Weekly that his daughters had met Cope and that they approved of their relationship.

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The actor also revealed that he and Cope met in 2020 while working on his brother's film. The couple interacts a lot on social media, and it's always sweet. A good instance is when Cope posted an appreciation post for Lawrence, and he replied.

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Joey Lawrence And Samantha Cope Announced Their Good News

Joey Lawrence and Samantha Cope
Instagram/Joey Lawrence

Lawrence announced that he and Cope are expecting their first baby together on his Instagram on September 7th. The "Blossom" actor posted a photo of himself and his wife smiling widely at the beach and showing off her baby bump. 

He then captioned the photo, "The blessings just keep on coming. Proud of you babe! Baby Lawrence on the way!" Cope also commented on his post, writing, "Ohh hi baby daddy." While this is the couple's first child together, Lawrence already has two daughters with his ex-wife, Chandie Yawn-Nelson.

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Lawrence's daughters are 16-year-old Charleston and 12-year-old Liberty, and he's previously told Us Weekly that they've met Cope and support their relationship. He said, "They like her a lot. I mean, it's been a journey for them as well, but they're 15 and 11 and they're great."

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They Tied The Knot Four Months Ago

Lawrence and Cope's pregnancy announcement comes barely four months after they officially got married. According to People, the two film stars got married on May 1st in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in California. Their family and close friends attended the ceremony, including Lawrence's two daughters and his brothers, Matthew and Andrew.

After the wedding ceremony, Lawrence, Cope, and their guests had a cocktail hour and then a farm-to-table dinner of roasted chicken, filet, and Mahi Mahi. Lawrence spoke to People and said, "It just feels so right. Life can be challenging at times, but when God gives you the right person, it's worth it."

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The actor had earlier announced their engagement in August 2021 with a post on his Instagram. He captioned the post, "We are beyond excited to see what the future holds for us, and to know we will grow old and super wrinkly together is the ultimate blessing."

The Couple Met In 2020 

Lawrence also told Us Weekly that he and Cope had met in 2020 while they worked on the Lifetime film "A Deadly Deed," which his brother Andrew directed. He said, "So we met there and out of nowhere, you know, it was a crazy year and a half for everybody, obviously the whole world."

Lawrence continued, "Then when you least expect [it,] amazing things happen and meeting her has just been really the greatest thing ever." Lawrence also explained that due to the coronavirus pandemic, they didn't get to have a lot of dates as a couple.

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He said, "We've been together, like, 11 months, and we saw one movie—literally one—and we've been out to dinner I think five times. There was no dating thing. It was just hanging out, trapped in a confined space. And when you can meet the greatest person for you in that kind of environment, it's saying something."

Joey Lawrence And Samantha Cope Have Cute Social Media Interactions

Lawrence and Cope have had several cute interactions on social media. The "Organized Killer" star once shared a selfie of her and Lawrence as an appreciation post to him. She captioned it, "appreciation post for this guy! Life is so full of blessings but also little unpredictable battles. I can't thank you enough for staying positive even in the toughest of times. You're my fav babe #gratitude."

At the time, Lawrence commented on the appreciation post and thanked Cole. He wrote, "Babe… you are an incredible pillar of strength love and kindness and continue to amaze me everyday. Life certainly is a bumpy and unpredictable ride… but knowing the rest of my ride will be with you – makes it all worth it. And you are indeed my fave babe. #gratitude."

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