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WWE's The Miz Reveals All About Alter Ego Mikey Romance & Best Dating Tips For Sunday Night Football

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By Russ Weakland on September 9, 2022 at 2:00 PM EDT

As everyone sets up their Fantasy Football leagues in anticipation to the start of the football season, NBC Sports and The League dating app have partnered up for the “SNF Match Up," campaign to add even more fun to the football season.

And to learn a little more about what that is all about, The Blast EXCLUSIVELY talked with WWE Superstar and Fantasy Football aficionado, The Miz all about what to expect from his beloved Cleveland Browns, his sexy alter ego Mikey Romance and how important it is to "Match Up" during Sunday Night Football.

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The Miz Shares The Importance Of Football, Friends & Fun

NBC Sunday Night Football

While everyone got ready for the first game of the season between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams, NBC's Sunday Night Football is started up with such a bang that they had to put it on Thursday!

And what better way to experience these games than with friends and even someone that might end up being a little more. NBC Sunday Night Football and The League dating app partnered up to have watch parties throughout the country to meet new fans and friends at sports bars to socialize, cheer and maybe fall in love with someone other than just your favorite team.

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A little more on The League app, it is modeled after selective sports leagues, universities, and members-only clubs, users must submit an application to gain entrance to The League and connect with other members of its high-achieving community. With The League's app and how it adds to all the football action this year, the features are actually very user friendly and clever as users can choose what NFL team they are a fan of, and it will show up on their profile. This will be coupled with email and concierge push notification regarding NBC Sports’ Sunday Night Football Match Up, with incentives for users to fill it out. You can create your own dating profile that you can customize to send to anyone. So you are enjoying a great game and also you might fall in love! And what is better than that?

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Well to talk about the importance of it all, The Blast was able to chat EXCLUSIVELY with WWE Superstar, The Miz who shared with us why this time of the year is so important with friends and football and why these SNF Match Up's are so great and told us, "Honestly every season, there is something that happens in the fall. I don't know if it is the end of summer and you know football is coming back. But there is a twinkle in my eye, because I love fantasy football. I love watching the games every Sunday. This is just a great time, and I love the weather change. And I like seeing the leaves changing and the season changing. Now granted in LA, that doesn't happen but luckily I get to travel every week for Monday Night Raw, I get to go to these cities that have season changes. I love it. I just enjoy it and I enjoy football. And I enjoy watching it with my friends and talking about it. The reason that I still talk to my friends from high school and I am so close to my friends in high school was because of Fantasy Football. And I live in LA right now, I live right by where the Rams practice and man are they starting up. This Thursday is going to be insanity, the Bills and Rams. It is going to be absolute gold, I can't wait."

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And with that excitement and camaraderie is something that is needed and expressed through the "SNF Match Up" campaign. The first stop was in New York and Los Angeles on Sept. 8 with a special Thursday night edition for the NFL Kickoff game between the Buffalo Bills and the Super Bowl champion LA Rams on NBC and Peacock – and quickly moves to Sundays beginning Sept. 11th.

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These mixers are designed to go along with what The Miz mentioned he enjoys most about football season, it allows new fans and old fans alike to root for their teams and meet new friends and just have a great experience together. And to make it that much better, those that attend these "SNF Match Up" stops will have a chance to win the SNF Match Up Sweepstakes which gives a grand prize that includes 2 tickets to a Sunday Night Football game during the 2023 season. Which could be used for a great date night or a night out with a great friend.

The Miz Talks All About The Cleveland Browns

Logan Paul & The Miz

Now that football is in full effect, The Miz is all about the new season and of course he is all about his favorite team, the Cleveland Browns. Being a Browns fan can be very trying and emotional, so it is only best to have friends by your side to support you. But if the Browns aren't doing well, he has Fantasy Football to fall back on, which he does with his friends and fellow WWE Superstars who are also Browns fans.

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He was giddy in anticipation to talk about it all as he told The Blast, "My high school friends are in a league together and we love to talk a lot of smack. So on Sundays, what do we do? We are always on Zooms or phone calls because I live in LA and they live in Cleveland and we are just non stop talking smack about which players are doing well, which teams are going to do well. Right now literally, Johnny Gargano, myself and Dolph Ziggler, all we talk about is the Browns and what is going to happen. This season has been so dramatic with everything that has been going on. To be a fan of the Cleveland Browns is very difficult this season, just with all the drama that has been unfolding, but as I tell people. When you grow up a fan of football and a fan of just your team and your city and you know that when a team does well, the entire city does well. It brings an entire aura to that entire city and I know this because I am from Cleveland and when the Browns do well, that entire city thrives. When the Cavaliers or the Guardians, when they do well. That city just thrives and that is what you want. So I am so excited for this season. I think the Browns have what it takes to make it to the playoffs."

But tell that to his wife, Maryse who is a WWE Superstar herself and they also share being on the hit show, Miz & Mrs. who is not a football fan at all! That's were Mikey Romance comes into play.

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The Miz Talks Alter Ego Mikey Romance & How His Wife Maryse Loves It!

Miz & Maryse
USA Network

Who is Mikey Romance? Well now we now know. After some insanely hot pics that The Miz showed from a recent trip to Cabo, we now know that Mikey Romance is someone that has to show up so Mikey Football can be around for the rest of the season. Though his wife doesn't like football, they do make amends as he told The Blast EXCLUSIVELY, "My wife doesn't like watching football. I make her watch it with me anyway because it is America. She is from Montreal and she speaks French, she is used to hockey. It is is all about football baby, this is what we do! So she will sit down and watch with me and appreciate it because football brings people together."

But Mikey Romance brings it all into place as his alter ego helps his status with his wife, we asked if the recent trip was used to get some brownie points and it most certainly was saying, "Actually yes! So last week I was like, 'Let's take a little vacation, a two day vacation to Cabo, it is a two hour flight, not that far  and let us just get away, and be us. And we did that and it was beautiful, it was gorgeous, she looked amazing, as she always does! Yeah, Mikey Romance came out because Mikey Football is coming in the next week and I wanted to get her ready and be like, "Look I know I won't have a lot of time, I have WWE and five fantasy football teams that I am working on. So there is a lot of time to watch football, so I have to butter her up and let's go!"

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It seems to be working and it will likely work for you during this season when you watch NBC Sunday Night Football this season with The League dating app! One thing is for sure, fun times are ahead!

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