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Thanks To MrBeast Burger 'Corn Kid' Is Promoting Something Other Than Corn!

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By Melanie VanDerveer on September 9, 2022 at 2:00 AM EDT

Just when you thought Tariq, otherwise known to the Internet as the "Corn Kid," didn't eat anything but his favorite vegetable, he surprises us all. An unlikely collab between "Corn Kid" and popular MrBeast had Tariq giving an honest review of a MrBeast burger while attending the opening of the new restaurant in New Jersey.

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Tariq Gives His Review Of The Burger: 10/10!

"Super good. Juicy, greasy, and delicious," Tariq said after taking a bite of the oversized burger. "Just like corn. Ten out of 10. Like really good." But when asked which one is better - MrBeast Burger or corn? Tariq has to take a quick moment to gather his thoughts and responds, "definitely corn." Then he adds, "but also MrBeast burgers."

The TikTok video posted on @MrBeastBurger has 12.7 million views, 2 million likes and nearly 10,000 comments. Viewers of the video widely suggested adding corn to the menu.

"You heard it Jimmy, gotta add corn"

"Y’all know he’s not gonna say anything is better than corn ?"

"Should make corn burger and have him try it"

"need that corn burger asap"

"Now someone’s gonna make a song out of this…?"

"Both corn and beast burger got the juice ??"

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"I bet that was a hard choice! ?"

"only food review I’d trust"

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Corn Kid
Dougies Life - YouTube
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Tricking "Corn Kid" With An Interesting Kind Of Corn

After trying the burger, Tariq was given his favorite food, but based on the video, he wasn't too happy about how it was presented. TikTok'er Nolan Hansen, who refers to himself as "The guy in MrBeast videos nobody knows," asked Tariq, "How much corn have you eaten in the past couple weeks?" and then proceeds to give him a "special MrBeast Burger corn." After considering trying it, Tariq said, "I don't like this type." It was clearly not a "corntastic" moment for the popular corn-loving kid.

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The First MrBeast Burger Restaurant Opened On Sunday In NJ

The first MrBeast Burger restaurant just opened in American Dream Mall in East Rutherford, New Jersey last weekend. If you're unfamiliar with MrBeast, he's one of the most popular YouTube personalities in the world. According to Google, "MrBeast was the highest earning content creator in 2021, as per Forbes." He made $46 million in 2021 alone, as well as racked up billions of views. His net worth in 2022 so far is $58 million. One of his wildly successful projects is MrBeast Burger, which up until now, was only available through delivery services. The American Dream restaurant marks the first brick and mortar location. To celebrate the big occasion, an estimated 10,000 people showed up to the opening event on September 4.

MrBeast Burger at American Dream Mall
News12 New York - YouTube
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MrBeast Announced He Would Be At The Opening On Social Media

Just days before the restaurant opened, MrBeast announced the launch of his restaurant on his Twitter and YouTube pages. "I'll be working at the restaurant all day the first day and if you stop by you might see me," he tweeted to his more than 15 million followers. That's all he needed to say to fill the large American Dream Mall with hungry fans who wanted the opportunity to meet the online star. It's been estimated that around 3,000 people showed up to the mall on Saturday, the day before the opening, and by the time Sunday rolled around, there were 10,000 people filling the hallways.

MrBeast, 24, first gained popularity as a YouTuber with his video series titled, "Worst Intros on YouTube." But it didn't stop there, and his fanbase has only grown since. He's known for his expensive stunts, challenges and his extremely charitable side.

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Grateful for all the attention and amount of people who showed up for the opening, MrBeast posted a video waving to the massive crowd on Twitter, writing, "I literally work in my studio all day and barely ever leave, so seeing something like this is mind blowing."

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