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'I Love Corn!': The 'Corn Kid' Is Stealing The Show On TikTok

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By Melanie VanDerveer on August 22, 2022 at 9:00 PM EDT

It all began when Julian Shapiro-Barnum, the host of @RecessTherapy posted a video of him asking a little boy with a big grin "what he likes about corn." No one could have predicted how the interview would go from there, but it's the pure, wholesome goodness we all need in 2022.

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"Corn Kid" Is Stealing Hearts On TikTok

TikTok account, @doingthings reposted the video in early August and it's received 3.6 million likes and more than 68,000 comments. While the original video can be seen on Recess Therapy's page, the sound was removed for some reason.

In the viral video, the little boy explains why he loves corn so much. "Ever since I was told that corn was real it tasted good," he said. And to that, Shapiro-Barnum asked, "Did you think corn wasn't real?" to which the "corn kid" replied, "But when I tried it with butter, everything changed. I love corn!" I think many of us can totally relate to that statement!

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He then takes a big bite of the corn-on-the-cob he was chowing down on when the interview started, and was asked, "Do you think everyone should be eating corn?" and to that he responded with the adorable answer of, "No, not everyone has to like it to be the best." Good taste AND smart! How can you not melt like butter over this kid?

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Corn Kid
Doing Things - TikTok
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Throwing In A Corn Pun For Good Measure

The interview continued with the little boy being asked about his other favorite things. "I play a variety of games - hide and seek, tag, never lava monster. Yeah mostly corn. I mean just look at this thing," he said as he held up his half-eaten corn-on-the-cob. "I can't imagine a more beautiful thing. It's corn! Because corn is awesome!" When asked if he could describe corn to someone who has never tasted it before he says, "A big lump with knobs. It has the juice. It's the part that mostly makes me like the corn." When he thinks the interview is about over, he says, "I hope you guys have a corntastic day!" And when the interviewer repeats, "a corntastic day?" he responds, "What? It's just a pun about corn." This boy has it all - sweetness, smarts, and hint of sarcasm!

Corn Kid
Doing Things - TikTok
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The Comments Are Poppin' Like Popcorn

Of course, the comment section went wild with the "corn kid's" cuteness, intelligence, and honesty.

"That baby is so smart."

"i love him SO MUCH."

"omg this kid would have a field day in Iowa during the summer the corn is amazing."

"what!? its just a pun about cone."😭😭😭"

"'but when I tried it with butter, everything changed!' same kid. same"

"he has been waiting his ENTIRE life for someone to bring up corn as a topic of conversation. you telling me he came up with that pun on the spot?!"

"Such a well-spoken little dude👏 I hope he’s having a corntastic day today"

"'I can’t imagine a more beautiful thing!' PROTECT HIM😭😭😭😭"

"I want someone to talk abt me the way he talks abt corn."

Content So Good It Needed An Original Song

If you think that's the last you've seen of this sweet child of the corn, you'd be wrong. TikToker @schmoyoho turned the viral video into a song, yes a song! And it will live rent free in your head until the end of time. (I dare you to say it won't after listening to it.) With 19 million views so far in only three days, it's safe to say a lot of people will be walking the earth singing this song in produce sections of grocery stores everywhere. And let's talk about the comment section with more than 23,000 comments already.

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Commenter Love "Corn Kid" And The Catchy Song

"When does this hit Spotify"

"When I tried it with butter, everything changed….😭😭 song was about to slap in that halftime and I was ready to destroy my living room"

"I 🖤 the internet."

"Not me buying corn at the store tonight solely because this song has been running through my head all day"

"Nebraska should make this their state song 🌽"

"This video made me want to live again"

"That’s a summertime bop for the ages"

"He presents some really solid arguments here. I might have to reconsider my stance on corn in light of this new information 🌽"

"Dreaming of what a full version of the song would look like"

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