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'Nope' Star Keke Palmer Sheds Light On Her Favorite Virgo Trait

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By Favour Adegoke on August 24, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT

"Akeelah And The Bee" star Keke Palmer recently talked about her love for her zodiac sign, Virgo, and one of her most preferred traits associated with the sign. The actress previously displayed her love for the star sign by releasing two Extended Plays titled "Virgo Tendencies."

The first volume of the EP was released in 2020 and expressed what Palmer claimed was an almost "escapism" vibe. The second was more reflective of her time in the then-COVID lockdown. The 28-year-old also most recently gushed about Beyoncé's "Renaissance" and how the entire album is empowering.

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Palmer spoke about her love for the Virgo sign ahead of her 29th birthday on August 26 and revealed that her most preferred quality was the ability to let go. She said as much in the titular track of her "Virgo Tendencies Pt. I" EP.

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Keke Palmer On Being A Virgo

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Palmer appeared in an interview with E! News and talked about being Virgo and one of her most preferred qualities in the star sign. The "Joyful Noise" singer listed some traits associated with being a Virgo and identified being able to let things go as her favorite.

The actress said, "You know, a Virgo has a lot of qualities. I would say perfectionist, but that also can be a pain in the behind. So, I'll say that my favorite Virgo quality is my ability to let things go."

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Palmer further revealed that, in general, Virgos loved "really hard"; however, they were able to move on from unfavorable situations just as quickly. "Virgos, we can love really hard, and we can be like, oh my gosh," the 28-year-old said. "But as soon as things go wrong, we definitely cut it off and move forward. I really love that because it saves us so much heartache and time."

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Keke Palmer Loves Beyoncé's 'Renaissance'

The "Nope" star previously talked about Beyoncé and her recently released album, "Renaissance." Palmer had high praise for the album and one song in particular. She posted about "Alien Superstar" on her social media account, describing the track as "too good."

The actress said as per E!News, "That song is too good. We already know that Beyoncé is empowering. But she does it in a very undercut way. You don't always know how much she's really trying to give you—the life that you deserve and you need."

The 28-year-old also talked about the song's lyrics, explaining that the part of the song that said, "Fire beneath your feet / Music when you speak / You are so unique," was where things went "haywire" for her.

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Palmer further said, "She's been telling you, you are so unique. Everything that she's saying to herself, she's reminding you and puts an exclamation point mark on the end where she's letting you know. We needed this renaissance!"

Keke Palmer Released 'Virgo Tendencies' In 2020

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Besides her successful acting career, Palmer has released a number of songs that have risen to the top of the charts. The actress released "Virgo Tendencies" in August 2020 as the first part of two similarly named Extended Plays.

The EP was released via Big Bosses, Palmer's record label, and had Tasha Catour and A-Lex on as the producers. While talking about the work, the 28-year-old revealed that she was experiencing several moods at the time, which she tried to express in the EP.

Palmer with E!News that, "With 'Virgo Tendencies,' I was expressing a lot of the different moods that I was experiencing. From being really introspective to being I got to get out of here, I got to live, and I got to try to find some way to mentally escape."

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Palmer also talked about her most recent track, "Bottoms Up 2.0," which was released earlier this year. She explained that the song explored both good and bad past events and their effect on her life. "That's been the big journey for me, and so a lot of my music is representative of me not being afraid of that," the 28-year-old added.

She Had Enough Time To Work On Her Music Projects

Keke Palmer at the Revolve Festival 2022

While talking to Pride in 2020 about the EP, Palmer revealed that the project was initially just the song "Virgo Tendencies," and after accumulating over time, she split it into two parts. The artist described the first volume as "something light-hearted and fun" bordering on "escapism." On the other hand, the second volume was Palmer's reflective moment during the quarantine.

The "Scream Queens" actress continued, "Both of these projects came out of me really having the time to focus solely on the music and put my thoughts into what I wanted to say. I'm really proud of how it came about because I feel like there's music on there, but there's also this overall thread of humor, just some of the other sides of myself."

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She described the term "Virgo Tendencies" as one that involved being a perfectionist, workaholic, very honest, and "a little bit neurotic." Palmer ended the description by revealing that being Virgo included some sensitivity and most times, when honest words were said, it was not in a bid to cause confrontations.

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