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The Identity Of Selena Gomez's 'THAT GUY' Revealed!

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By MLC on August 21, 2022 at 4:45 PM EDT

Selena Gomez has been casually dating, and the mystery behind “that guy” has been revealed.

The Blast exclusively learned who SelGo was recently dating.

So just to catch you up, last month, Selena was doing a makeup tutorial with her Rare Beauty line. In the background her Nana can be heard asking, “So, how did you end it with that guy?”

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Selena Ended It With "That Guy"

Obviously, the singer was completely stunned and at a loss for words until she blurted out, “I’ll tell you in a second.”

As you can imagine, this sent the entire population of Selenators and entertainment news outlets spiraling. (Yes, The Blast included).

Following this video, Selena was spotted on a yacht enjoying the Amalfi Coast with friends and one guy in particular.

His name is Andrea Iervolino and it just so happens that he is... “THAT GUY!”

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Meet Selena's Mystery Man

Our sources tell us the two have been dating on and off for years.

They were spotted together in Italy celebrating her 27th birthday in 2019.

Their relationship flew completely under the radar and was “all in secret.”

Our source says, “They have been dating all in secret for a long time. They are currently broken up. He is a bit of a film maker. They had some event at The London hotel in LA where they had to hang out together, because the project they were supporting, they both work on.”

Apparently, the relationship is “a hook up, break up, hook up, break up” kind of relationship.

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The Relationship Has Been On & Off For Years

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Things must have been good during her trip to the Mediterranean.

Selena herself further confirmed that she was single as a Pringle during the TATATU Series “Giving Back Generation.”

Us Weekly reports the actress is keeping everything casual in the men department.

An inside source revealed, “Selena and Andrea are just friends. She’s dating and is keeping her options open with a few guys.”

“She’s really happy and is perfectly OK with being single,” the source continued to reveal. “She’s surrounded by best friends who are her biggest support system.”

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Selena Gomez atttends the 27th Annual Critics Choice Awards
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According to reports, SelGo was spotted entering The Nice Guy just before midnight and the “Rack City” rapper was already inside.

Security didn’t let anyone else inside after Selena’s entrance.

Then around 2:30 AM, Sel was seen leaving out the backdoor while Tyga exited through the front.

Selena & Tyga Were Recently Spotted Partying It Up

Darren Dzienciol and Richie Akiva Oscar Party in Los Angeles

It’s an interesting turn of events, as the two have never been linked together in any other way before.

In another interesting turn of events, Tyga was spotted at SelGo’s 30th birthday celebration last month.

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While it would be great to see Selena back in love, it looks like this was just a friendly run-in

TMZ reported the two aren't dating, they were there separately to see different people, and their groups ended up hanging out together inside.

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