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Kanye West Under Fire For Selling Yeezys In GARBAGE BAGS At The Gap

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By Favour Adegoke on August 18, 2022 at 9:00 AM EDT
Updated on August 18, 2022 at 9:11 AM EDT

Social media is buzzing with negative news regarding Kanye West's Yeezy Gap line.

The rapper is well known for his love of eccentric fashion and style, which is evident in the new collection, which was made accessible to the public in July. Like the rapper's past collections, the majority of the clothing had high price points at its launch.

Fans' reactions to West's prior claim that homeless people served as the inspiration for his designs were varied. The father of four is now facing online criticism for how the outfits are being sold at the stores after a viral tweet showed the new collection lying haphazardly in trash-like bags.

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Kanye West Received Online Criticism

Kanye West is back in his boots as he makes his way around Miami.

West is presently facing internet criticism as regards his Yeezy Gap collection. According to information obtained by Page Six, the rap mogul's new clothing brand is selling out of what seem to be garbage bags.

Fans were outraged by the selling process following a tweet that pictured Kanye West's Yeezy Gap line carelessly packed in the bags. Some of the outfits were also spilling out as there was no more space to force them in.


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"This is how they are selling Yeezy GAP," the Twitter user captioned the image of the clothes taken at the store. "The sales associate said Ye got mad when he saw they had it on hangers, and this is how he wanted it. They won't help you find ur size too, you just have to just dig through everything."

West is renowned for both his bizarre sense of style and his internet antics. But the rapper apparently took his strategy to promote his new fashion brand a little too far, given the backlash he received.

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Fans Reaction

Kanye West heads to a office in Calabasas for a meeting

Following the viral tweet, fans shared their opinion in the comment section, calling out the rapper's fetish for using homeless people as his inspiration. Others also added that the fashion idea meant more work for the employees who had to clean up after customers.

"It's everything that is wrong with billionaires," a complainant said. "They no longer see the plight of people, they don't see humans that are suffering, they see opportunities to be 'edgy' and profit from it… it's disgusting."

"It's making the low income bargain bin look upscale. I don't get it some say it's creative I say it's making a mockery out of a life once lived for him and a life many still have to live," another fan said.

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"Yay. Underpaid GAP employees get to clean up the customer mess every 15 minutes and shove all the stuff back into the bag because a billionaire thought it would look cooler," one user commented.

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The Collection Was First Unveiled In February

Kanye West at the Ritz hotel during Paris Fashion Week.

Page Six previously reported the arrival of West's Yeezy x Gap Engineered by Balenciaga line for public purchase in July. Several Gap stores around the nation, including the company's flagship site in Times Square New York, carry the new collection.

The new collection, including a denim jacket, jeans, sweatpants, T-shirts, and hoodies, was unveiled in February. In May, West then showcased a second selection of odder-looking outfits, including a face-covering black mask and a black full-body suit.

"This first of its kind launch sees Ye's peerless vision bring together the most influential designer of his generation, Demna, with the iconic American brand, Gap," the brand announced at the time.

"Yeezy Gap engineered by Balenciaga continues Ye's commitment to bringing creativity to the forefront and delivering his vision of utilitarian design for all."

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Kanye West Inspired By 'The Homeless'

Kanye West grabs an ice cream in Calabasas after a meeting.

Meanwhile, West recently disclosed that many of his designs are inspired by the homeless and children. The rapper posted the idea on his Instagram page via a photo with a dark backdrop and crystal-clear white letters.

"Look to the children, Look to the homeless....as the biggest inspiration of all designs," the picture read.

Fans' reactions to West's Instagram post were mixed. Some lauded the rapper's ideas, while others argued that he should do more to assist people who are homeless and not make a profit off them.

"Instead of using the homeless as inspiration for design, you should be helping them get out of homelessness," one person wrote, while another follower commented, "Ur [sic] a billionaire don't act like u care."

"Sounds like exploitation of the powerless," another fan wrote.

"Feed and shelter the homeless, distribute your wealth!" one more follower mentioned.

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