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Jason Sudeikis 'Deeply Regrets' Custody Papers Served Against Olivia Wilde

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on August 10, 2022 at 11:00 PM EDT

Olivia Wilde is breaking her silence on the infamous custody papers serve that made headlines in April. The actress was served by her ex-partner Jason Sudeikis while on stage at CinemaCon.

Now, four months after the controversial incident, Wilde has clapped back at her ex through the law and snagged a major victory in the process.

The "Horrible Bosses" star, however, maintains that he didn't intentionally try to embarrass the mother of his kids.

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Olivia Wilde Slams Jason Sudeikis' For 'Aggressive' Way He Served Custody Papers

As you might know, Wilde was on stage at CinemaCon promoting and discussing her upcoming thriller "Don’t Worry Darling" when she was approached by a process server.

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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis attend the Critics' Choice Awards in Santa Monica
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She reportedly thought it was a script and opened it in public only to realize it was the custody papers for the two kids, Otis and Daisy, whom she shares with Sudeikis.

It was undoubtedly an embarrassing moment for the "Booksmart" actress who had no idea she was being served. However, now Wilde responded to the filing and had some heated words for her ex-partner whom she dated for nine years.

According to court documents obtained exclusively by Daily Mail, Wilde filed her legal documents in Los Angeles, challenging Sudeikis‘ custody requests.

Per reports, the "Ted Lasso" star struck the first blow in their formerly amicable custody arrangement after Wilde reportedly discussed moving to London with her boyfriend Harry Styles.

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He disagreed about where they would raise their kids permanently, saying he preferred New York, where he and Wilde lived between 2014-2019, instead of Los Angeles where he and the actress frequently reside due to their work commitments. It is worthy to note that the kids are said to have schooled in both L.A. and London but never in New York.

In her response to his filing, Wilde slammed his request as baseless, noting that they initially agreed to send their kids to a school in Los Angeles for the upcoming year as Sudeikis was set to be in London wrapping up his Apple TV series.

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However, the 46-year-old suddenly changed his mind. She explained in the docs, "Recently, however, Jason decided that he wanted to go to New York for the next year while he is not working, and wanted the children to be with him there during this time off. When I did not agree, since the children have not lived in New York for several years, Jason filed these papers."

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Olivia Wilde attends the Vanity Fair Oscar Party at Wallis Annenberg Center for the Performing Arts in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles

Touching on the infamous CinemaCon antics, Wilde branded the controversial moment as "outrageous legal tactics" on the part of the father of her kids.

The court document reads, "Jason's actions were clearly intended to threaten me and catch me off guard. He could have served me discreetly, but instead, he chose to serve me in the most aggressive manner possible."

The 38-year-old expressed her utmost disappointment in the two-time Golden Globe winner, noting, "The fact that Jason would embarrass me professionally and put our personal conflict on public display in this manner is extremely contrary to our children's best interests."

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Wilde explained that she chose to retaliate with her own filing after Sudeikis "made it clear that we will not be able to work this out for our children's sake outside of the court system."

The tide clearly turned in Wilde’s favor as TMZ reported last month that Sudeikis’ case was dismissed. Both parties attended a Zoom hearing in New York and L.A and both judges at the hearings sided with the actress’s claim that California was her children’s home not New York.

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Despite the win for his ex-partner and her claims of a threat, Sudeikis insists he had no intention to do her harm.

In his court documents, he claimed to be "reluctant" to serve Wilde in the first place but that changed when the talk of London and strict weekend and holiday schedules came up.

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When he filed the papers out of fear, the Virginia native revealed that he hoped that they would be served in a "benign manner."

In his words, "I did not want service to take place at the home of Olivia's current partner because Otis and Daisy might be present. I did not want service to take place at the children's school because parents might be present."

However, when logistical mishaps prevented that from happening the process server tried to meet with Wilde at her hotel in Las Vegas but that didn’t pan out.

The two failed attempts resulted in the server giving Wilde the papers at the public event after finding out her whereabouts from a tweet.

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Sudeikis alleges that he had no idea the manner in which his ex was served until it made headlines and as a result is "deeply upset and feels great distress."

"I understand that the process server had only done her job; however, I deeply regret what happened. Olivia's talk was an important event for Olivia, both professionally and personally, and I am very, very sorry that the incident marred her special moment," he admitted.

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