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John Legend Talks About Feeling 'Broken' After The Loss Of His Son Jack

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By Favour Adegoke on August 9, 2022 at 5:00 PM EDT
Updated on August 9, 2022 at 5:17 PM EDT

Almost two years after their heartbreaking loss, Grammy winner John Legend and Chrissy Teigen are expecting another child. The couple currently has two children, a six-year-old daughter, Luna, and four-year-old Miles.

Teigen made the announcement via her Instagram page and explained that she had to undergo another IVF bout and extract her eggs. After weeks of doctor's appointments and determining the baby was safe, the tv personality decided to break the news to the public.

Legend appeared in an interview and spoke about the previous pregnancy that lasted 20 weeks. The artist revealed that he felt broken after the loss, and while the sadness and trauma had diminished over time, they still hung over his head.

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John Legend Said He Felt 'Broken'

John Legend 2020 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Legend and Teigen recently announced that they were expecting their third child, and for the award-winning artist, the news brings back sad memories. The duo lost their son Jack almost two years ago after a 20-week pregnancy. Legend recently reflected on his feelings at the time.

The 43-year-old revealed that he felt extreme sadness and trauma and would always feel the loss. Legend appeared in an interview with "Desert Island Discs" on BBC Radio 4and revealed that he was yet to find peace concerning the situation.

He said, "You feel broken. There's no real comfort, and you're always going to feel that loss. It kind of spreads over time, so it doesn't feel as heavy, but you'll never forget it."

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John Legend Didn't Want To Share Pictures

John Legend on Instagram
Instagram /John Legend

The artist further revealed that at the time, he didn't want to share pictures after the passing, but his wife encouraged him. Legend praised Teigen for posting the pictures and sharing the sad news with the world and called it a powerful and wise decision.

'I was hesitant to share it, but I think Chrissy was really right. Way more people than anybody realizes go through this, and they think they are alone, 'It was a really powerful, wise decision by Chrissy to share it.' the 43-year-old explained.

The announcement was made in September 2020 when the couple revealed that they lost their child, Jack, just 20 weeks into the pregnancy. The post showed pictures of Teigen in the hospital mourning her loss, and she later revealed that she would not be able to carry another child.

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She wrote, 'I love being pregnant, so so much, and I'm sad I never will be again." The model was also kept in the hospital due to excessive bleeding.

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The Grammy Winner Said The Period Tested Them

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Legend joined The Guardian in an interview in May and revealed that the period seriously strained their marriage. He said they eventually came out on top with an even stronger relationship.

He recalled, "It was a tragedy. But I think it strengthened our resolve and our resilience because we were there for each other. We came out even more sure of who we were as a couple and as a family."

The Grammy-winning artist also talked about how sharing their loss with the world felt, revealing that he was "amazed" by the several messages of love and support they got. "Also, we found out how many other families have gone through this," Legend said. "It was a powerful and brave thing that Chrissy did to share that because it made so many people feel like they were seen and that they weren't alone."

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John Legend And Chrissy Teigen Are Expecting

Almost two years after their heartbreaking loss, Legend and Teigen announced they were pregnant with their third child after going through another egg retrieval and IVF session. Teigen described the last two years as a "blur of emotion" but was grateful for the new addition.

In the post last week, she wrote, "1 billion shots later (in the leg lately, as u can see!), we have another on the way." The tv-personality also expressed her fear after the loss of Jack and that she was "very nervous" before going for appointments or scans.

She wrote, "I don't think I'll ever walk out of an appointment with more excitement than nerves, but so far, everything is perfect and beautiful, and I'm feeling hopeful and amazing. Ok phew it's been very hard keeping this in for so long!"

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