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'The View' Names TWO New Co-hosts To Replace Meghan McCain

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By Kristin Myers on August 4, 2022 at 12:15 PM EDT
Updated on August 4, 2022 at 12:21 PM EDT

It has long been speculated that "The View" was planning to add conservative Alyssa Farah Griffin to replace Meghan McCain on the ABC daytime talk show.

On Thursday morning, Deadline shocked fans when they announced that producers were planning to add not one but two co-hosts to the show's upcoming 26th season.

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'The View' Names TWO New Co-hosts To Join 'The View' For Season 26

Ahead of the show's official announcement, Deadline announced that both Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin will be named as the new permanent co-hosts of "The View," joining Whoopi Goldberg, Joy Behar, Sunny Hostin, and Sara Haines in the upcoming 26th season.

Alyssa and Ana have since appeared on the show as guest hosts to fill Meghan's spot after she left the show. About an hour later, "The View" panel made the announcement official.

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Ana Navarro & Alyssa Farah Griffin Will Officially Replace Meghan McCain On 'The View'

Both conservative voices identify as Republicans, although Ana has long been a vocal critic of former President Donald Trump. Alyssa previously served as Trump's strategic communications director until she resigned in December 2020.

She has since denounced the January 6th attack on the Capitol and has criticized the former POTUS for spreading misinformation regarding the results of the presidential election.

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Not Everyone Is Looking Forward To Alyssa Farah Griffin Joining The Show

The show did a 5-minute video that not only highlighted Alyssa's career in politics, but also statements that she made on "The View."

Although she noted that she has been a spokesperson for other people, she said that she has found "my voice" and "I'm here to just join this table, and hopefully, bring a different perspective." She added, "It's going to get sporty. I'm ready for it."

However, not all fans were here for it. In the comments, some people gave the decision a thumbs-down.

"This is a bad decision ABC," one user commented. "You will lose viewership."

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Alyssa Farah Griffin
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"Nope," another user said, while another user commented, "Meh."

"Good bye to The View," another commented. "I will no longer watch this show. This woman does not deserve this spot. She was a major player in a treasonous administration. Very, very poor choice."

However, other users actually seemed to be looking forward to her joining "The View" panel. "I know not too much about Alyssa Farrah but it looks like she will be a good asset to the view," one user wrote. "Anybody that has went through what she has in her past jobs and came out learning from it I believe can contribute well to the table. I'm a Democrat But I think she will Represent well."

Fans Celebrate Ana Navarro Joining 'The View' Panel

Although many had mixed feelings as to Alyssa Farah Griffin joining the panel, there was an overwhelming amount of positive support for Ana Navarro.

"So happy," one fan wrote. "I love this lady!!" Another fan wrote, "Yes!! Welcome, Ana. Brave to the View!!"

"BEST decision!!!" another follower wrote. "Congratulations!!! This is awesome!!!!! Love this!!!" Another fan shared, "This is a lady who brings a wonderful POV to the table. I'm all in!"

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‘The View’ co-Hosts Sunny Hostin And Ana Navarro Asked To Leave Set After Testing Positive For COVID-19
YouTube / KSA Probasi

Another user shared, "she will bring an informed passion that will make the show better. However, 6 hosts are way too many. 5 is barely tolerable. There is just not enough time to get in all the opinions or information. So please explain how this will work."

Another user replied, "My guess is: the next announcement will be the departure of someone else at the table."

It remains to be seen if anyone will be leaving "The View." It was long rumored that Joy Behar, 79, would be retiring this summer; however, she recently signed a 3-year extension deal with ABC to keep her seat at the table until at least 2025.

It looks like fans will just have to keep watching to find out!

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