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Angelina Jolie Scores Major Court Win Over Ex-Husband Brad Pitt In Chateau Miraval Property Battle

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By Favour Adegoke on July 25, 2022 at 11:00 AM EDT

Top actress Angelina Jolie has course to celebrate following a court ruling in her favor.

The Hollywood star and her ex-husband Brad Pitt, were legally ruled single in 2019, three years after she filed for a divorce from the renowned actor and film producer. However, they've since gotten into complicated legal battles because of the split, including custody of their six kids and financial issues.

Recently, a court decision was made in Jolie's favor in a legal battle against Pitt over the French winery they bought together. After ten years of dating, the two had quite the lovely wedding at the Chateau Miraval winery in 2014. However, Jolie decided to sell her stakes in the $164 million winery after their famous split, which upset Pitt. 

Keep reading to find out more about the battle.

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Angelina Jolie Was Sued By Her Ex Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie on the red carpet

While dating, Jolie and Pitt reportedly took over the renowned rosé business in 2008. At the time, they moved into the house on the company's vineyard. 

The actress officially sealed the deal to sell her stake to Tenute del Mondo, the wine division of the liquor giant Stoli Group, in October 2021, according to Vanity Fair.

The move by Jolie to sell her share of the property upset Pitt greatly and began a legal battle between the ex-couple over the property.

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As per an exclusive report by The Blast, Pitt sued Jolie in February this year, claiming that she failed to get permission to make the sale.

The "Once Upon A Time… In Hollywood" star alleged in the court documents that Jolie selling off her stake in the wine company was unlawful because it was a breach of the mutual agreement made by the former couple to not sell any parts of their shares without the other person's permission or consent.

Now, according to a report by PageSix, after several lawsuits in France, Luxembourg, and the US between the ex-couple and their business partners, the court has reportedly favored Jolie and has asked Pitt and his team to hand over the documents.

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The Court Ruled In Favor Of Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Pitt and his team fought hard to stop Jolie from making the sale and have the court deny her request for the stakes' papers. He was personally affected by the sale, as was seen in the court filing, where "The Lost City" actor claimed that Jolie "sought to inflict harm on" him by trying to sell her stakes.

"Jolie pursued and then consummated the purported sale in secret, purposely keeping Pitt in the dark, and knowingly violating Pitt's contractual rights," the filing read.

However, this didn't stop the court from ruling in Jolie's favor as she and her lawyers won the fight. Following the courts decision to side with the actress, Pitt and his company, Mondo Bongo are now forced to release the documents to her.

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Brad Pitt Was Upset

LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 30: Dexter Fletcher at the "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood" UK Premiere at Odeon Luxe Leicester Square on July 30, 2019 in London, England. CAP/PL ©Phil Loftus/Capital Pictures. 30 Jul 2019 Pictured: Brad Pitt.

As reported by PageSix, some sources close to the "Eternals" star's business insisted that Pitt was letting his anger over their divorce get in the way of their business dealings. Some fans also believed this as they recalled how complicated the divorce process was on social media.

On the issue, the sources also explained that Stoli offered a huge opportunity to expand the business. Also, Pitt should be happy with Jolie's decision as it could benefit their kids. "Any rational human being would be happy for Stoli to be a partner in their business. They have top-notch marketing and distribution," they said. "He just can't see past his hatred of Jolie."

He Didn't Want To Sell

Brad Pitt

While insiders close to Jolie's business defended the star, a source close to Pitt (Via PageSix) revealed that the 58-year-old had previously turned down an offer by Stoli to sell his shares while they were still together.

When asked why they explained that selling the shares went against Pitt's longtime idea for the business: to bring more profit into the company, he also wanted the business to be an investment for their kids' future.

"The best way to retain value for [their kids] is for the parents to retain full ownership of this increasingly valuable and expanding asset," the source said. While the stars' reps are yet to comment, fans wish the best for both of them and hope things turn out fine.

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