Playboi Carti Performs at Wireless Festival 2022

Playboi Carti Gave Fans A BIG Scare Falling Off Stage At Wireless Festival!

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By Afouda Bamidele on July 5, 2022 at 1:00 PM EDT

Playboi Carti gave his fans a brief moment of a scare during an exciting performance!

The rapper got so carried away during his set at Wireless Festival, Crystal Palace, that he did not notice how small the stage was and suffered a fall.

Luckily, he was unhurt and did his best to make his performance as good as the show's headliners – A$AP Rocky, J. Cole, and Tyler, The Creator. 

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Playboi Carti Won't Let Anything Keep Him Down

Playboi Carti Performs at Wireless Festival 2022

Whether technical difficulties or costume malfunctions, performances do not always go as rehearsed. However, for Carti, it was something as minor as a miscalculation of how much space he had on stage.

That lack of knowledge caused the "FlatBed Freestyle" rapper to fall during his performance at the Wireless Festival.

In a five-second clip shared on Twitter, the crowd watched as the cloud rapper turned to face his backup singers as they bounced to his rendition of "Sky."

He started running backward while singing the chorus of his hit song but soon ran out of space and fell off the stage onto the ground.

Fortunately, Carti quickly recovered from the mishap as he got up with a smile and ran towards the people at the event to shake them.

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Despite his recovery speed, the 25-year-old was at the receiving end of many jokes, with someone writing that "he acting fine, but he musta hurt everything south of his knees."

One person claimed Carti's ankles were "gonna be crying tomorrow," and a fan called him the "goat." Meanwhile, a few Twitter users doubted the authenticity of the fall as they argued that he did it on purpose.

Regardless of what those people think, fans who were at the Wireless Festival this past weekend seemed to have a good time.

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Uproxx reported that the "Woke Up Like This" artist was not the concert's headliner as he would have had to fight J. Cole, A$AP Rocky, and Tyler The Creator for the slot. 

Concertgoers got an additional perk when the new mom, Rihanna, took a break to attend the show in support of her boyfriend, Rocky.

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Iggy Azalea Has A Bone To Pick With The "Sky" Rapstar

Carti most recently made headlines after he got on the wrong side of his baby mama and former girlfriend, Iggy Azalea.

According to an earlier The Blast story, the Australian rapper was upset that her ex made statements, which she claimed were false, about his co-parenting and financial obligations. 

The trouble started when Carti had an interview with XXL for his feature in their Spring 2022 Issue. During the conversation, he was asked about his experiences as a dad, and the "Magnolia" soloist replied:

"I pay a lot of bills. I take care of a lot of people. I take care of my mom. I take care of my family. I take care of my baby mom [and] I take care of my son."

It was not long before Azalea took to Twitter to prove that she had heard of the interview and was displeased with what her baby daddy said. In her words:

"Take care of me? Lmaooooo, let's not get carried away now." 

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Iggy Azalea at the International Music Awards 2019

The then-31-year-old then revealed that she and Carti were on the best of terms when she wrote:

"Secondly, saying nice things for an interview sounds great, but in real life, he talks to me like a sl*t so badly I had to stop all direct contact."

Another thing she found offensive was Carti referring to her as "the best mother in the world" while claiming that their son, Onyx Kelly, was a perfect child.

All that sounded like things that were "not reflective" of how her son's father treats her in real life to the "Black Widow" rapper. 

She ensured that she drove her point to be left out of the feature instead of being mentioned home.

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Azalea, however, made it clear that everyone would win after the drama and decided not to speak on it anymore when she penned, "let me log off. I'm a peaceful person, I promise."

You would recall that Azalea and Carti were first romantically linked in 2018 before they split in 2019 due to cheating allegations. Fans thought the former couple was done until Azalea announced the arrival of their baby boy in June 2020.

The mother-of-one has previously admitted to raising her son alone, so her fanbase understands why Carti's claim about being a responsible dad upset her so much.

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