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Kelly Ripa Comes Under Fire For Being 'Rude' To Ryan Seacrest

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By Favour Adegoke on June 30, 2022 at 4:51 PM EDT

TV show host Kelly Ripa, recently received some heat from viewers of "Live with Kelly and Ryan" for allegedly being rude to her co-host Ryan Seacrest.

The dynamic duo has been hosting the eponymous show since 2017, and as confirmed by Seacrest in an exclusive interview with People in March, they have been pals for much longer.

Although Seacrest has made no complaints about his relationship with his co-host, viewers recently adopted a different viewpoint, criticizing Ripa in the comments area of Seacrest's Instagram post after sharing a clip from their most recent episode.

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Kelly Ripa Got Flak From Fans

Kelly Ripa 92nd Academy Awards

Earlier in the week, Seacrest shared a video with his Instagram followers that contained scenes from his and Kelly's latest episode. Fans quickly zeroed in on some of his teammate's comments during the show and raced to the comments section to drag her for allegedly being disrespectful to Seacrest.

"You need to tell Kelly to stop interrupting you. That's very rude," one angry fan reacted. "She does it throughout the show … every show. Very annoying. She is a boring host."

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"I agree one million percent. It would sure be nice to hear Ryan finish a story. I started noticing that too; she never used to do that, seems it started after they got back in the studio, you can tell Ryan just kind of holds his breath," another follower chimed.

"I hate when she talks about herself," one more fan complained. "She goes on.. and on…she brags too much. Not everyone wants to [hear her] story. We'd like to hear from Ryan, too."

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Some Fans Defended Ripa

Kelly Ripa Licks Whipped Cream Off Herself During Holiday Party Shenanigans

Still, in the comment section, some users further opined that Seacrest was the secret behind the show's success, alluding that Ripa's contributions were irrelevant.

"Very annoying. The show's ratings go up because of you," another user said. However, while most of the herd was against Ripa, some remained on her side, praising her and complementing the duo's relationship.

"I'm sorry, but I don't agree that Kelly is a bad host," one commenter proffered. "I watched her & Mark on the soaps. I always liked her. She might interrupt, but she & Ryan are friends. They make a good show.

Following the outcry that the post has garnered, Ripa and Seacrest have yet to comment on it or regarding their offline relationship.

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Kelly Ripa Talked About Her Marriage

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The recent backlash against Ripa comes after she gave much revealing info about herself on the Tuesday episode of the show. She mentioned the idea of opening joint bank accounts with partners and informed Seacrest that studies show that partnerships in which a pair shares financial responsibilities are the healthiest.

However, Seacrest admitted he wasn't too thrilled about the notion of getting married before Ripa offered him words of comfort and, after that, refocused the attention on herself.

"I understand that, listen, it's not for everyone. I'm not a marriage pusher, I'm married, but trust me, it's not for everyone," she advised

"I mean, sometimes I'm like, 'Is it for us?'" the show host added, alluding to herself and her husband, Mark Consuelos.

Additionally, the actress added that she does not have a prenup with her partner, sharing another personal info fans have now deemed unnecessary for the show.

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Ryan Seacrest On His Closeness To Kelly Ripa

Ryan Seacrest seen arriving to the Naeem Khan fashion show during New York Fashion Week

Though Ripa has received so much backlash from the video her colleague posted, one might assume that the former "American Idol" co-host shared the video with no prejudice in mind, given his openness about his close relationship with his co-host.

"Kelly and I have been friends for two decades," said Seacrest. "So we know each other way before — longer before we were on the air together," the tv host revealed in an interview with People in March.

Seacrest continued the discussion by revealing that they had "a tremendous amount of trust and respect" for each other, even to the point of being able to "read each other's minds." He then added that their connection has continued to grow each day.

Meanwhile, Ripa recently signed up as the host of the upcoming show "Generation Gap" on ABC and has revealed that Seacrest will be joining her in some capacity.

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