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Chris Hemsworth Gushed About Seeing His Bare Butt Take Center Stage In A Marvel Movie

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By Favour Adegoke on June 28, 2022 at 7:00 PM EDT

All eyes are on actor Chris Hemsworth as his fourth single Marvel film, "Thor: Love and Thunder," premieres in cinemas on July 8th. During the Los Angeles movie premiere on June 23rd, Hemsworth, who plays the role of the mythic god of thunder, Thor, spoke about his experience making the film, including one very special scene.

There is reportedly a scene showing off Hemsworth's very well-sculpted butt. Hemsworth spoke to Variety on the red carpet for the Hollywood premiere and said seeing Thor's butt splashed on the screen was a dream "10 years in the making."

He also spoke about what it was like to see co-star Natalie Portman all buffed up for her role as the Mighty Thor. In a separate interview, he spoke about how he had bulked up even more for the latest Thor movie. 

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The Scene Was One Of His Longtime Dreams

During his conversation with Variety, Hemsworth was asked what it was like to see his butt out in a Marvel film, and the "Extraction" actor joked that it wasn't really a big deal for him. He said, "In a Marvel film, it was a very large screen, it was a very big pair of cheeks, and, I don't know, I had seen it before."

Hemsworth also shared that he did "a lot of everything" to prepare for the semi-nude scene and noted that finally showing off his butt in the movie was a long time coming. He said, "It was ten years in the making, that scene. It was a dream of mine."

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"The first time I played Thor, I took my shirt off, and I thought, 'You know what's going to sweeten this ... a decade from now, it's all going to come off.' And here we are," the "Men in Black: International" star said.

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Director Taika Waititi Also Spoke About The Scene

Taika Waititi, the director of "Thor: Love and Thunder" also spoke briefly with Variety on the red carpet. When asked about the scene with Hemsworth's butt out, Waititi said he aimed to show off the actor's physique in the film.

He said, "My whole thing was like, Chris works so hard, you've got to show it off. Don't cover it up with all these suits and the cape and stuff, it's not fair." Waititi shared that almost everyone agreed that it was only fair for Hemsworth to show off a bit.

However, this isn't the first time the "Spiderhead" actor has shown off his backside in a movie. During their conversation, Hemsworth mentioned to Variety that his butt was also out in the 2013 movie "Rush."

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Chris Hemsworth On Working With Natalie Portman

Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman in 'Thor: Love & Thunder'
Instagram | Chris Hemsworth

Later on, in his conversation with Variety, Hemsworth spoke about his experience seeing co-star Natalie Portman's transformation into her role as Mighty Thor for the first time. He said the sight was "intimidating" and "a little stab to the ego, but I quickly got over it, and I was in awe of everything she had done on and off the screen. I'm such a fan."

Portman is switching things up slightly in "Thor: Love and Thunder." She went from her role as just Jane Foster in previous Thor movies to wielding Thor's famous hammer as the Mighty Thor. Her character is the superhero version of the Thor character from the Marvel comics.

Chris Hemsworth Had To Bulk Up Even More

Chris Hemsworth working out
Instagram | Chris Hemsworth

Hemsworth certainly had to endure a lot to get that sculpted physique and butt cheeks. During an interview with Extra, he spoke about how the studio had him add even more muscle and body mass for "Thor: Love and Thunder."

He also admitted that the "brutal" fitness routine and diet aren't the go-to outside of his Marvel role. He said, "It's become a hobby now, and it allows me to live a full life and play with my kids and surf."

"It was a chore at one point, and now it becomes an addiction," he continued, "I love it, I do love it. I don't like working out necessarily to get to 'Thor' size — that is brutal on my body and the amount of food and so on."

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