Anna Sorokin sentenced to 4-12 years prison

Anna Sorokin Launches Another Exclusive Club With NFT Drop: 'Anna Access Card'

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By Favour Adegoke on June 18, 2022 at 3:15 PM EDT
Updated on June 18, 2022 at 5:04 PM EDT

Fake german heiress Anna Sorokin has torn banks a new one in her latest interview.

The convicted fraudster has managed to keep the media's attention on her following her earlier conviction for defrauding major financial institutions, banks, hotels, and acquaintances in the United States.

After being freed on good behavior, she was re-arrested by ICE for a visa-related offense, but it has not deterred her from giving several interviews and making virtual appearances from the detention facility in Orange County.

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In the new interview, Sorokin, who lived her con life under the name Anna Delvey, admitted that scamming many banks and people was wrong. However, rather than suggesting that she may be indebted to them for a long time, the 31-year-old has stated that she does not believe she owes them or anyone.

Not longer after the interview, Sorokin announced her NFT launch!

Read below for more details.

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Anna Sorokin Has No Apologies To Give

Anna Sorokin sentenced to 4-12 years prison

Speaking with Today Show from the detention facility where she is currently incarcerated, Sorokin discussed several issues concerning her earlier conviction of posing as a German heiress worth $60 million, which she used to con several individuals, banks, and businesses.

When host Savannah Sellers posed a question to the convicted fraudster about whether she regrets her actions and thinks it was all wrong, Sorokin gave an answer most viewers might not have expected.

"That was definitely unethical, yes," she said about her actions, which were estimated to have led to her fraudulently receiving cash and services worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"I would not encourage anybody else to follow in my footsteps," she added, asserting that no one should expect apologies from her.

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"You mean, for what? I'm not a 12-year-old kid apologizing," she told the host. "Who would I be apologizing to for that?"

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Anna Sorokin Defended Her Stance

Anna Delvey
Instagram/Anna Delvey

Sorokin's con scheme ran for years, and over that period, she used fake email addresses and IDs to hide her true self and reinvent herself as other people, opening doors that might have been closed to someone of her status.

With the aid of a voice disguising app, the con artist was also able to deceive those who called in by phone for confirmation, which completed the facade she built as a German heiress.

Looking back at her actions, Sorokin, in the interview, posed none the wiser that her fraudulent activities could have been termed vicious and malicious by her numerous victims.

"I never really had any malicious intent, and I'm not just like this vicious, scamming person trying to take advantage of anybody who is just stupid enough to fall for it," Sorokin said vehemently.

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She then added that she thinks the banks are less concerned about whether or not she apologizes for her fraudulent actions.

The Con Artist Dropped Her NFT & Is Making Money Behind Bars

Sorokin recently took to her social media to announce the launch of her NFT called "Anna Access Card," to her millions of adoring fans.

According to the fake heiress, this will be a chance for her to directly connect with her audience and take charge of the narrative about her. She plans to hold private AMA's [Ask Me Anything] with her holders where she will personally share her stories with them.

A nearly six minutes clip of  her interview on the Today show was shared on their official Twitter page, with followers subsequently commenting about their disgust that Sorokin has been allowed to make money for herself while she is in jail.

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"How are they allowing her to make money from behind bars US citizens ain't allowed to do this so why treat her different/ BETTER than all the others in ice ?" a follower asked.

Some weeks ago, Sorokin had launched her art exhibition "Allegedly" in New York, which was attended by several people who dealt with collectibles. The event showcased pieces of artwork that the con artist had somehow made in jail and was subsequently smuggled out for the show.

At the time of the event, the 9×12 sketches were said to cost about $10,000 each, which would bring in a pretty penny for Sorokin when sold. The 31-year-old also made an unexpected virtual appearance to address her patrons who had turned up for her that night.

Sorokin Might Face Deportation

Anna Delvey
Instagram/Anna Delvey

While Sorokin appears to be leading a happy life behind the prison, trouble might be on the horizon for her once ICE gets around to resolving her visa-related offense with the court.

Only six weeks after being freed from prison for theft, larceny, and attempted theft, she was detained by immigration officials, kicking off a year-long struggle to determine whether she may stay in the United States or be deported back to Germany.

Department of Homeland Security officials claimed in an immigration court hearing that her social media posts and media coverage about her showed she wasn't genuinely sorry for her crimes and that the court should be persuaded to deport her.

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Sorokin is currently in immigration limbo, as her lawyer has filed several emergency court motions in an attempt to prevent her deportation. She will remain in the ICE detention facility until her case is finally resolved.

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