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Tristan Thompson Gets A Taste Of Polyamorous Lifestyle With Drake

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By MLC on June 17, 2022 at 3:15 PM EDT

Tristan Thompson is finally getting a taste of having multiple women at once and NOT having to hide it from Khloe Kardashian.

Well, sort of.

The NBA player stars alongside Drake in his new music video for “Falling Back.”

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Drake Gets Married In New Music Video

Instagram / Drake

In the video, Drake is seen marrying 23 beautiful women/social media influencers.

This type of relationship could be considered polyamorous.

“Polyamorous” or “polyamory” is defined as the practice of engaging in multiple romantic (and typically sexual) relationships, with the consent of all the people involved.

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Instagram / Drake
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So, where does TT come into play?

Well, the Chicago Bulls player serves as Drake’s best man in the video and can be seen giving Drake a pep-talk before all 23 women walk down the aisle to say “I Do.”

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Tristan Makes Acting Debut As Drake's Best Man

Instagram / Drake

The video opens with Drake taking in multiple deep breaths while his eyes are closed. He’s in a black tuxedo.

The camera pans to show Tristan also wearing a tux while he asks Drake, “Are you ready?”

“Yeah, I’m ready,” a nervous looking Drake responds.

“It doesn’t feel right, we scrap it, we go home, it’s done,” a supportive TT explains.

Drake insists he’s ready and that it’s a “good time” for him given that he’s ready to “settle down” because he’s “in love.”

Tristan tells the rapper, “Only get married once.”

Easy for someone who has never been married to say…

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The Rabbi asks Drake, “Do you commit yourself to being a good husband according to our values and traditions.”

He responds, “I do.”

The Rabbi then turns to Drake’s bride and repeats the same question.

As she responds “I do,” multiple other women’s voices are heard saying the same thing.

“I now pronounce you man and wives,” the Rabbi says before the song kicks in.

The “God’s Plan” rapper proceeds to give each of the brides a ring, doing secret handshakes with some of them at the altar.

Drake’s BFF, aka mom, Sandi Graham makes a cameo in the video as well.

“I think he’s really taking these ones seriously,” she says in the mv.

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Drake's Mom Gives 23 Women Her Stamp Of Approval

Rapper Drake apos s Mom Sandi Graham attends her ex-husband Dennis Graham apos s performance at Delilah Club
Rapper Drake apos s Mom Sandi Graham attends her ex-husband Dennis Graham apos s performance at Delilah Club
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Thompson shared a BTS photo to his Instagram Story on Friday, June 17.

“Falling back ??? You did it again @champagnepapi,” he wrote on his stories along with a carousel of photos Drake posted.

//Screen Shot    at
Instagram / Tristan Thompson
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While it wasn’t Tristan marrying the 23 women, TT serving as the best man was a brilliant choice given his philandering ways.

Tristan is notorious for cheating on his partners, especially Khloe.

He stepped out on their relationship MULTIPLE times. The first time he got caught was right before she was set to give birth to their daughter, True Thompson.

There were a string of other scandals that followed, but the biggest one of all was his paternity scandal.

Back in 2021, it was revealed the NBA star fathered a child with a woman named Maralee Nichols.

Tristan Thompson's Baby Mama Responds To His Khloe Kardashian Apology
Instagram / Maralee Nichols
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The drama unfolded on this week’s finale episode of “The Kardashians” on Hulu.

Kim could be seen breaking the news to Khloe over the phone while Koko cried on the other end.

Kylie Jenner and Kourtney Kardashian were also featured talking on the phone about it with Kim.

The SKIMs creator told her sisters, “This is his whole declaration. He’s asking for a paternity test and admitting he had sex with her. Khloe threw him his 30th birthday. So, Khloe went home from the 30th birthday party… and then he slept with this girl.”

Kourtney added, “it’s never-ending betrayal.”

Kris Jenner's Boyfriend Supports Tristan Thompson In Khloe Kardashian Drama?!
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Kylie said, “This has to be the final time” Khloe gives Tristan another chance at a relationship with her.

Following Thursday’s episode, Khloe took to Twitter to share some words of wisdom.

“Life is full of lessons, teachable moments. We should handle them with grace/love. Even if we are hurt by them. Take ur moment, cry/scream but remain composed & remember that Love heals & teaches more than anger or hate ever will. We all deserve forgiveness and most of all… LOVE,” she wrote.

Koko also noted that the finale was “tough” to watch.

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