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Nikki Bella Shares Reason She And Artem Are Waiting To Try For 2nd Baby

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By Fiyin Olowokandi on June 11, 2022 at 6:00 PM EDT

Nikki Bella and her partner of nearly three years, Artem Chigvintsev, are in no rush to have a second child just yet!

The "DWTS" couple already share a little boy Matteo Chigvintsev who they welcomed on July 31, 2020, and raising the youngster has been quite the experience.  

Speaking recently on "The Bellas Podcast," the pro wrestler revealed why she and her partner are not ready for a second baby while also discussing parenting with her twin sister Brie Bella.

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Nikki Bella Says Artem Chigvintsev Wants To Wait A Few More Years For A Second Child

Nikki Bella smiling

The podcast began with the sisters catching up from different locations and updating each other on family matters, including their kids' activities.

Nikki's son is going through some teething issues, which is a painful experience as the teeth took too long to develop. Nevertheless, the little one is holding on pretty well with his mom.

As for Brie, her daughter Birdie is in a "super emotional" phase where she cries a lot, notes every slight contact with her body, and is obsessed with saying "poop." 

The topic of Brie's daughter triggered Nikki's revelation about dealing with a "baby fever" and wanting to birth a girl, which she told her partner, who was not so keen on the idea.

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"I was talking to Artem about having baby fever," she said, adding, "We kind of got in a big detailed conversation about it." 

The two-time WWE Divas Champion continued, "I was like, 'You know, I do have baby fever, but I don't know. Is right now right? Do you wanna try for a girl? And actually, Artem was like, 'We need to wait.'"

Her partner believed their work-life was pretty hectic, and they also had to concentrate on Matteo, who was still too young for a younger sibling.

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Nikki Bella & Artem Chigvintsev smiling
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He told his beautiful partner they should wait a few years till their son was four years old before trying for a second baby, which Nikki agreed was an okay decision.

Brie noted that she also waited until her first child was over three years old before she gave birth to her second baby.

Balancing work life and parenting is no easy feat, and the Bella sisters dished their experiences, including Nikki stating that Artem would not want to leave Nikki pregnant while he went off on his dance tour. 

The mothers appreciated each other's parenting styles involving them dedicating parts of their busy routines to caring for their babies, who were growing so fast.

Speaking with ET a couple of months ago, Nikki implied that she was the one who wanted to hold off on having another child for the moment.

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At the time, she stated that no one knew what the future held, but she did not see birthing an infant as part of her near-future plans. She also hoped it would not happen as she voiced her weariness.

The 38-year-old further spoke about her and Artem's wedding plans which involved a whole lot, as she admitted that acquiring people's information was challenging.

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She added that she constantly asked her husband-to-be about getting his friends' details and if he wanted them to be invited to the wedding. Even so, Artem did not still provide the details at the time.

Regardless, whenever the spectacular day comes to pass, Nikki promised that it would be filled with "some fun surprises." 

The WWE Ambassador Speaks On Allegations About Not Wanting To Wed Her Partner

It is no news that Nikki and Artem have postponed their wedding for some months, causing speculations about the podcaster's genuine interest in the matrimony.

The Blast shared that she addressed the rumors in an episode of "The Bellas Podcast," where she stressed her and her partner's commitment to their son, which they prioritized over an extravagant wedding.

The COVID-19 pandemic also had a hand in their wedding postponement, but the TV personality assured fans that the big day was still in the works.

She further expressed her anticipation for the celebration, saying, "I will be getting married, and I can't wait. I do me, for me. So that means I'll marry Artem when I want, for me and Teo and him, for my life."

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The "Total Bellas" star then added another reason behind the rescheduled wedding, revealing that some important financial responsibilities made them ponder spending so much on the marriage.

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