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Farrah Abraham Trashes Ex-Boyfriend Of One Minute

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By MLC on June 9, 2022 at 3:30 PM EDT

Farrah Abraham’s recent (and very brief) relationship with a musician has turned sour.

The former “Teen Mom” reality star is letting it be known that her relationship with musician, Mackenzie Lovat (aka Mack Lovat) was a fleeting moment.

The Blast exclusively learned that Farrah considered dating him, but ultimately decided against it.

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Farrah Claims She 'Considered' Dating Mack Lovat

‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Gets Physically Violent, Including ‘Attack’ On Farrah Abraham

The reality TV star exclusively told us, “OK, So I am not dating him, he’s just a friend that aspired to date me. Things change and I am moving on. I considered dating him, but decided not to, so that’s the latest, things change.”

The two have been friends for over two years, but it was Mack who made the first move. He slid into Farrah’s DMs back in 2020… you know during Covid quarantine times.

He asked her out on a Covid park date, followed by a basketball game and they stayed in touch since then, but strictly as friends.

Multiple photos of the couple making out on a park bench have begun circulating, but as Farrah told us there’s nothing going on between them anymore.

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Despite the fleeting romance, Mack did meet her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, and he also went to Hawaii with them for her 31st birthday earlier this month.

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Despite The Fake Romance Rumors, Farrah Did Invite Mack To Hawaii

‘Teen Mom’ Reunion Gets Physically Violent, Including ‘Attack’ On Farrah Abraham

It seems Mack is still stuck in his quarantine dating ways, or maybe he’d desperate, because according to Farrah he’s a clown and heeds help.

She took to social media on Wednesday, June 8, about her “habitual liar” ex.

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Farrah Calls Out Mack

//Screenshot  e
Instagram / Farrah Abraham

Farrah wrote on her Instagram Story, “1. Bring receipts. 2. Mackenzie Fraser “Mack Lovat” is a habitual liar and is blocked for his abusive behavior. 3. Any dude who steps outside with me could be in the press so I guess don’t hang with a star if you don’t want to deal with it… yet he was on the carpet the night before.”

Clearly, this is a sour situation for the reality TV star.

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The Former "Teen Mom" Exposes Her Ex's Messages

In true Farrah fashion, that wasn’t enough for her and took the argument a step further.

She shared an unsolicited d**k pic from her ex to her Story.

You cannot see the person’s face in the photo, but the contact name is “Mackenzie Fraser LA.”

Per the text, the person sent the NSFW photo and asked, “do you miss him? he misses u.”

//Farrah Abraham ex bf dick pic
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She didn’t share her reply, but she captioned the photo, “I get the universes message. Don’t give anyone a chance anymore, don’t let people come out in public, unless they are public, & globally know or I’ll have someone telling me were dating but to the world they don’t know me.”

The reality star proceeds to call him a clown.

“Don’t send me d**k pics! Get some f**king help & keep my name out of your mouth!” she wrote. “You were blocked for a reason. Gross ?.”

Farrah doesn’t have time for “gross” people in her life, because she is currently in treatment for past traumas.

Earlier this year she was arrested for battery after slapping a security guard at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood.

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