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Farrah Abraham Claims She Is NOT In A Relationship, Despite Romance Reports!

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By MLC on June 7, 2022 at 5:45 PM EDT

Ex-“Teen Mom” star, Farrah Abraham, is dating or was dating or was kind of sort of in a romantic situation.

The outspoken reality TV star was recently photographed making out with a mystery man in Los Angeles.

While some outlets are reporting that she IS officially seeing someone, The Blast got exclusive details about Farrah’s romantic situation.

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Farrah Gives Exclusive Details About Her Rumored Relationship

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She was recently spotted making out with Mack Lovat, real name Mackenzie Lovat.

Mack is the guitarist of the band, Minus Gravity, which is signed to Capitol Records.

Farrah went red carpet official with him at the Regard Magazines Summer Issue Release Party powered by BURN180 at Sofitel on June 2.

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Farrah Says She Is NOT Dating Mack

The reality TV star exclusively told us, “OK, So I am not dating him, he’s just a friend that aspired to date me. Things change and I am moving on. I considered dating him, but decided not to, so that’s the latest, things change.”

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The two have been friends for over two years, but it was Mack who made the first move. He slid into Farrah’s DMs back in 2020… you know during Covid quarantine times.

He asked her out on a Covid park date, followed by a basketball game and they stayed in touch since then, but strictly as friends.

Multiple photos of the couple making out on a park bench have begun circulating, but as Farrah told us there’s nothing going on between them anymore.

Despite the fleeting romance, Mack did meet her 13-year-old daughter, Sophia, and he also went to Hawaii with them for her 31st birthday earlier this month.

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Mack Did Meet Farrah's Daughter & Go On A Trip With Them

She told TMZ that she appreciates how Mack keeps a low profile away from drama, because it doesn’t negatively impact her seven remaining months of outpatient therapy or her sobriety.

The Blast previously reported on her drunken arrest earlier this year.

In January she was arrested for battery after allegedly slapping a security guard at a club. The chaotic scene went down on January 15 outside of a Hollywood nightclub.

Law enforcement officials say she was arrested at Grandmaster Records in Hollywood where she and a friend were partying.

Farrah reportedly got belligerent at the club and was asked to leave. This request led the reality TV star turned porn star to begin swinging at security.

Farrah Abraham
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The cops were not initially called, but rather the paramedics were called to the scene; however, given Farrah’s belligerent state, someone called the cops for backup.

A citizen’s arrest was made before the cops showed up and took over.

To the reality TV star’s defense, she put up a good verbal fight.

In the 2:27 video, Farrah can be seen handcuffed and laying in the fetal position with her face and hair in a nice patch of dirt under a tree.

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Oh, and she’s missing a shoe on one foot.

She can be heard screaming, “You know why people fight hard in jail, because of sickos like you.”

She attempted to sit up, but a man, presumably club security, pushed her back down to the ground to restrain her.

“It’s on camera. It’s on camera. Harassers like you. Harassers like you. Harassers like you. Harassers like you,” she said before mumbling a few other things.

The security guard then asks if she’s going to calm to, to which Farrah replied, “No, I’ve already been calm. I’ve already will be calm, because I can’t walk into the institution of the United States of America because I am a [inaudible] law student.”

This incident prompted Farrah to seek treatment for past traumas. She has not been formally charged for the incident.

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