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Joe Exotic To Wear $11,500 Tux For Prison Wedding With Fiancé John Graham

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By Favour Adegoke on May 1, 2022 at 7:00 AM EDT

Joe Exotic is reportedly getting his prison wedding tux ready for the big day. The media personality previously mentioned that he wanted to get married to his fiancé, John Graham as soon as his ongoing divorce with estranged husband Dillon Passage is finalized.

In a recent letter written by the 59-year-old, he compared his relationship with Graham to “Twilight” because of their apparent attraction. Joe also mentioned Dillon, calling the 25-year-old “selfish” and only concerned with getting famous.

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Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and fiance John Graham are planning to wear these $11,500 all-white tuxedos with custom silk tiger print lining at their wedding. The jailed star is set to marry Graham after they met in prison and fashion designer Odain Watson of Odaingerous has been asked to design outfits for the wedding. As first revealed by TMZ.com, Joe will get the pink silk tiger print lining and John the traditional tiger print style. Odain has previously worked with Joe on a collection of streetwear, custom shoes and a line of underwear. It will take around four to six weeks to make the tuxes. *BYLINE: Odaingerous Inc./TMZ/Mega. 29 Apr 2022 Pictured: Tiger King’s Joe Exotic and fiance John Graham are planning to wear these $11,500 all-white tuxedos with custom silk tiger print lining at their wedding.
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Although unknown, Joe’s wedding with the former inmate, Graham is fast approaching. The 59-year-old is reportedly making big plans for their wedding gear, with tuxedos worth over $11,000!

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Joe Exotic Is Sparring No Expenses On Wedding Attire

Joe is getting everything set for his upcoming prison nuptials, including a designer tux whose creation is currently underway. According to Odain Watson of Odaingerous via TMZ, the media personality’s attorneys previously reached out to him to talk about Joe and Graham’s wedding attires.

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John Graham, Joe Exotic's lover pictured on his Instagram page
Instagram | joe_exotic
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According to the fashion designer, the tuxedos would be all white, crafted in Italy, and cost $11,500 each. The jackets would both have a custom-made silk tiger print lining. While the 59-year-old would don the pink version of the attire, his partner would be in more traditional themed clothes.

While the style and design options of the attires are being attended to, taking measurements might be an issue, especially with Joe, who is currently in prison. However, Watson could make up for the 59 Year old’s absence by using a model with a similar build as him.

Joe And Watson Have Worked Together In The Past

This isn’t the first time Joe is partnering with Watson. The media personality previously signed a deal with the fashion designer back in 2020. The duo released streetwear, custom shoes, and an underwear line. Limited edition “Casket Baskin” held the place of the top seller. The boxer briefs reportedly portray blood-red ice cream similar to Baskin-Robbins.

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Joe Exotix

Despite the success of the underwear item in 2020, Baskin’s lawyers sent a cease and desist letter to the collaborations. According to TMZ, the lawyers also threatened to take legal action if the undersea wasn’t taken down.

Joe and Watson’s 2020 “Revenge” collection was the third collaboration between the two. The “Tiger King’s” job was to handpick the designs for the collection. The collection had three unique shoe designs that fans were particularly fond of.

Joe and Graham’s wedding will reportedly not hold in the next 4 to 6 weeks. This is because the custom-made tuxedos take a lot of time to get ready for wearing.

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Joe Exotic Compared His Relationship With Fiancé To ‘Twilight’

In a recently released letter obtained by TMZ, Joe gushed about his current relationship with Graham, comparing the prison romance to “Twilight.” He wrote, “If you ever watched ‘Twilight,’ it was as close as that.

The “Tiger King” star also mentioned how much the couple still talked despite Graham leaving prison a while ago. Talking about his partner, Joe said, “John talks like he is 400 years old. He is a practicing witch and is extremely romantic and caring. The love we share is like no other I’ve ever experienced.”

Graham wasn’t the only name Joe called. The media personality talked about his estranged husband Dillon, describing his 5th husband as young and selfish and only concerned about going to parties and becoming famous.

Joe Exotic filed for divorce from Dillon Passage

A year after Dillion announced his newly single status, Joe filed for a divorce from his 25-year-old. According to the 59-year-old, Dillon and his lawyers did not make any contact with him since the initial announcement the previous year.

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Joe’s lawyer revealed that the rush to divorce was because the media personality was impatient to tie the know with Graham. The couple met while serving prison at FMC Forth Worth, Texas. While Graham was released on March 15, Joe is still not halfway done with his 22 years sentence.

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