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Joe Exotic Divorcing Husband, Dillon Passage, To Marry Man He Met In Prison 

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By Favour Adegoke on April 3, 2022 at 5:30 PM EDT

Media personality Joe Exotic is reportedly embroiled in a divorce with his estranged husband, Dillon Passage. The former couple got married in December 2017, barely two months after Exotic's previous husband, Travis Maldonado, died. 

Exotic, whose real name is Joseph Maldonado-Passage, was imprisoned in 2020 following a murder-for-hire charge. The 21-year jail time was issued after the 59-year-old attempted to hire someone to kill animal welfare activist Carole Baskin. 

Exotic apparently found love while incarcerated. The media personality is currently divorcing his husband, Passage, to get married to a man he met in prison. His new beau, John Graham, was a fellow inmate till he was released last month after completing jail time. 

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Joe Exotic Wants Divorce From Husband To Marriage Prison Beau

Joe Exotic Getting Early Release From Prison

Exotic isn't letting being behind bars stop him from finding love. According to TMZ, the media personality is apparently in the process of divorcing his husband, Passage, so he can get married to fellow convicted felon Graham. 

The 59-year-old was sentenced to a 21-year prison sentence in January 2020, following his involvement in a murder-for-hire case. The victim in the case was welfare activist Baskin who was targeted on two different occasions by Exotic. 

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His new love interest, Graham, was met during his prison stay. Both were incarcerated at FMC Forth Worth, Texas, and although Graham was released last month, the couple is still together. Court documents revealed that Exotic's new beau was imprisoned for burglary and possession of a firearm. His sentence started in 2012, and Graham was to spend more than 12 years behind bars. 

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Exotic Claimed Passage Didn't Want To Sign Divorce Papers 

Dashawn Young of Autumn Beck Blackledge firm recently released a statement to Page Six. Via his rep, the new Exotic attorney said, "The previous attempts were not skipping out on due to Joe refusing to sign anything. Their marriage held no jurisdiction in the state of Texas."


Exotic and Blackledge also posted a letter on Twitter, claiming that Passage, his estranged husband, avoided contact with them. The attorney disclosed, "Joe 'Exotic' has tried to obtain information about Mr Passage and his whereabouts so that the two could enter into what he hopes would be an amicable divorce, but so far, his attempts to get Mr Passage to contact him have failed."

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"It is the hope of the Tiger King that they can both move on with their lives and divorce quickly and amicable," Blackledge added. Exotic's caption for the post also gave the impression that Passage wasn't being cooperative. He wrote, "Dillon, please just sign it and go away." 

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Passage Denied Being Non-Cooperative 

Dillon Passage
Instagram | Dillon Passage

In a recent Page Six interview, Passage revealed that Exotic's claim that he was being difficult about the divorce was untrue. The 25-year-old claimed that the media personality was the one who kept dodging his attempts at concluding the divorce. 

Passage said, "I hired attorneys in September of last year in Texas, Kirker Davis law firm. They worked directly with Joe's attorney, Francisco Hernandez, on multiple occasions to draw up paperwork, which was approved by Joe's legal counsel."

Passage added that "Joe refused to sign the first draft." According to him, his attorneys were made to make another draft that included Exotic's terms. The new draft was "again approved by Joe's counsel, and yet Joe refused to sign." 

The 25-year-old is reportedly in a new relationship with someone named John. He posted a slideshow of himself and his new love interest. It was captioned, "I've planned on keeping my relationship private for personal reasons, but lately I've been having a hard time dealing with things happening in my life, and John has been my rock and helping me get through it all."

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Joe Exotic Requested Alimony


Exotic claimed that the marriage was "irretrievably broken" and asked for alimony according to the divorce documents. He alleged that he needed and was entitled to "temporary, rehabilitative, durational, bridge-the-gap, and lump sum alimony in order to continue to maintain the standard of living established by the parties during the marriage and to provide for an equitable distribution of the parties' assets." 

The documents continued, "Further, the Petitioner is in need of, and the Respondent should be required to keep in effect, a life insurance policy or policies on his life in an amount sufficient to meet his support obligations to the Petitioner in the event of the Respondent's death." 

Exotic also added that Passage was to pay his attorney's fees because he was "without funds to pay attorney's fees and costs incurred in this account. Passage's response to the filin

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