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Kris Jenner Testifies That Blac Chyna Had Intentions Of Killing Rob Kardashian

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By MLC on April 23, 2022 at 5:00 AM EDT

Another day, another testimony from Kris Jenner.

The momager extraordinaire took the stand once again in the trial against Blac Chyna.

On Thursday, April 21, Kris took the stand for the first time.

According to TMZ, the momager said Chyna threatened to kill Kylie Jenner in a shocking testimony.

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Kris Jenner Takes The Stand For A Second Time

Kris Jenner at The Fashion Awards 2021

What’s more, Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Tyga, reportedly told Kris that Chyna also threatened to kill him.

Blac Chyna has kids with both Tyga and Rob Kardashian.

Kylie and Tyga previously dated after he and Chyna broke up.

TMZreported on Friday, April 22, that during her testimony, Kris said she fully thought Chyna was going to kill Rob when she pulled a gun on him and pointed it at his head.

Kris did NOT think Chyna was joking this time around.

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Kris Believes Blac Chyna Had Intentions To Kill Rob Kardashian

Rob Kardashian Joins Protest Against LAPD Over 14-Year-Old's Death

During her second day of testimony, Kris said she thought Chyna tried to murder her son in December 2016 after an altercation.

BC’s lawyer asked Kris if she believed Chyna attempted to murder Rob to which she replied, “I do.”

The ‘KUWTK’ reality TV star claimed her son had marks on his body from the phone cord Chyna wrapped around his neck, in addition to his torn shirt.

Chyna tells a different story about the incident.

On Wednesday, April 20, BC took the stand to share her testimony.

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Blac Chyna Saw The 2016 Incident Differently!

92nd Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals

She described the day of December 14, 2016 was a gleeful celebration given their ‘KUWTK’ spin-off “Rob & Chyna” got picked up for a second season.

"It was exciting, we were throwing money and having fun, being silly," Chyna said.

From the influencer’s point-of-view, she ripped Rob’s shirt in a playful manner telling the courtroom it happened "from us like playing and trying to not be sexy and take the shirt off, but just doing silly stuff with my fiancé."

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The Ripped Shirt, Gun & Phone Cord Were Done As A Joke

Later that day, the Arthur George sock creator was playing video games when she wrapped a phone cord around his neck.

"I came up behind him, doing that jokingly," she testified. "I just went like this to get his attention."

Then came the gun.

While he was on FaceTime with a friend, Chyna pointed an unloaded gun to his head.

According to BC, none of the moments were intended to do harm and Rob took them as such.

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Blac Chyna Accuses Rob Kardashian Of Being ‘Verbally Abusive’ And ‘Threatening’

Now back to the OTHER side of the courtroom.

Kris believes Chyna had animosity and hatred toward her family, adding that alcohol was involved when Chyna pointed the gun at her son’s head.

The matriarch of the famous family was questioned about why she never called the cops after the altercation went down.

Per Kris’ defense, Chyna already had enough problems with the law at the time, and she figured their security team, which is made up of former LAPD officers, could get the situation under control.

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The Kar-Jenners VS. Blac Chyna

The Kardashians

On Thursday, The Blast reported that Kris claimed her youngest daughter, Kylie, was also threatened by Chyna.

When BC’s lawyer initially asked the question, Kris said she didn’t recall. The lawyer referenced her deposition to jog her memory in which Kris did make the allegation.

Chyna’s lawyer pressed Kris further to which she responded saying she’d have to ask Kylie and Tyga again given they have first-hand information.

She said, “I probably thought it was just some drama, which I’m used to.”

The famous mother told the jury she still supported Rob Kardashian and Chyna’s engagement following the threat because she believes in “second chances.”

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"I love second chances, and I wanted them to win. I wanted my son to be happy," Kris said.

BC filed the lawsuit in 2017 and is suing the entire Kardashian-Jenner family for defamation.

She alleges the famous family derailed her reality TV career after “Rob & Chyna” was canceled after one season.

Rob and the Instagram influencer had a tumultuous relationship before, during and after welcoming their daughter, Dream Kardashian.

Chyna is also suing Rob for assault, battery and harassment.

In total, she’s suing for upwards of $100 million, which is chump change to the Kar-Jenner fam, but it’s the principle of the lawsuit that matters to the famous family.

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