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'The Bachelor's Hannah Ann Sluss Gets Serious With New Man!

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By Taylor Hodgkins on April 19, 2022 at 9:00 PM EDT
Updated on May 11, 2022 at 2:42 PM EDT

2020 may seem like yesterday to many of us, but it was certainly a lifetime ago in Bachelor Nation! It was the year 'Bachelor' fans got "Listen To Your Heart" (remember that?!) and it was also the year Peter 'Pilot Pete' Weber took flight on a journey to find true love as the year's lead on "The Bachelor."

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The Bachelor Peter Weber at Build Series
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Weber soared (okay, enough flight puns!) with Tennessee native Hannah Ann Sluss, and proposed to the now-25-year-old.

Sluss was even able to win over Weber's famously picky mother Barb!

Mrs. Weber made it clear which one of her son's final two contestants she preferred.

...As did Weber, himself.

Sluss and Weber ended their engagement after only a month, due to Weber feeling indecisive over whether he should have explored his relationship with Madison Prewett a bit further before popping the question.

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Hannah Ann Finally Finds Happiness

Thankfully, two years and an arguable train-wreck of an "After The Final Rose" season finale later, Sluss has found a man who was sure she captured his heart!

Sluss is dating football player Jake Funk.

The duo recently celebrated a giant milestone in any relationship: Both sets of parents have been met!

The big meeting was also a family affair!

According to People, Sluss' parents "Made the trip out to California and they met him and also his parents all in the same day."

The smitten Sluss called the experience "Really fun."

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A Rose For Relationships Off Camera!

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Sluss hasn't been shy to post pics of her beau on the 'gram, and she has also opened up about how she feels finding love outside of the Bachelor Nation bubble.

The shift from having her love life followed in the spotlight with millions of fans and spectators alike weighing in on her relationship, to being able to quietly call the shots over what she decides to share publicly about her romance with Funk.

"We're very private," Sluss said to Us Weekly, and you know, that just seems to be the best for us right now."

Referencing her previously extremely public relationship with Weber, she added, "With my past, things have been public, and nothing really necessarily good has come from it, in my opinion."

Bachelor Nation witnessed Weber break his engagement to Sluss on his season's finale.

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We'd say privacy is definitely a gift for the 'Bachelor' beauty!

"I wanted to wait to share [our relationship] with everyone because it was our decision." She said, about the couple's decision to live a life together on the downlow.

These lovebirds seem like they are deep within the honeymoon phase, but there are no plans for an actual honeymoon for a long time!

Sluss was adamant in letting the world know her and Funk are just enjoying the California sun and spending time with one another without any rush.

"The Bachelor" isn't playing in the background at all during the couple's private time together!

Sluss also let Us Weekly know there are no traces of anything 'Bachelor' related.

"I really haven't watched the show in years. My season was the last season I really watched."

Here's to Hannah Ann Sluss and her sporty fella Jake Funk's decision to keep their relationship out of the spotlight for all of the 'right reasons!'

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